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The two-day bathroom remodel roadmap

Makeover your bathroom this weekend with some help from the professionals combined with DIY projects you can complete yourself.

Bathroom makeover

Give your bathroom a whole new look by following these two-day bathroom remodel roadmap.

Reface the shower area

Refacing your tub and shower is a simple project that can be done over a weekend. Refacing adds value to your home while also being quick and affordable.

Home Depot makes tub and shower refacing easy. A design consultant helps you pick out all your custom features, then their professionals do the installation. You can get started by scheduling a free in-home consultation on the Home Depot website.

“The new shower surrounds come in a variety of styles,” says Emmy-winning lifestyle host and best-selling author Christopher Lowell. “Here the warning is to keep it as simple as possible. Stay in a color scheme that matches your sink and toilet — white is the classic.”

Ditch the shower curtain

To transform you bathroom into a retreat, ditch the shower curtain and replace it with a spa-inspired clear glass shower enclosure and door. “Keep the fixture choices as simple as possible and request that there is as little metal trim as possible,” advise Lowell.

Replace the counter tops

If you want to give your bathroom a whole new look, bring in the professionals to change out your counter tops:

“Replace your old counter tops with stone. Black marble, sandstone or even slate are good choices,” says Lowell.

Consider the flooring. Flooring in bathrooms doesn’t take long to install because the surface area is usually so much smaller than the other rooms in your house. Consider your current flooring; if it’s in good shape, you might want to save the time (and money) and just keep it. If you are looking for something new, Home Depot offers plenty of different flooring options to choose from, as well as experts to help you get it installed.

paint canPaint yourself

While some things are best left to the pros, you can easily paint your bathroom yourself. Patch any holes in the walls and then get started with the paint. Lowell suggests deep putty or sand colored walls and creamy linen trim. Walls aren’t the only thing you can paint in the bathroom. If you are updating on a budget and don’t have the cash to replace your old plastic tiles — you can actually paint them too. Just be sure to apply a primer first.

Update your fixtures

Of course, no bathroom remodel is complete without changing out your fixtures and hardware. Even if you aren’t doing a complete renovation, updating these items is essential.

“When painting is complete, consider replacing old fixtures with either white porcelain or brushed or antique chrome. They remain timeless and are worth the investment,” says Lowell

If your lighting is outdated, replace it with track lighting on a dimmer switch. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, any handyman or electrician can change your lighting in an hour or two.

Add mirrors

A large mirror over the sink(s) is a must to open up the space and make your bathroom look larger. You can also add additional accent mirrors in the room.

“When it comes to mirrors, you can’t have enough of them in a bathroom,” Lowell says. “Remove artwork that does nothing and add decorative mirrors instead. They should all be the same for uniformity. Either purchase squares that can be stacked on a small accent wall or large round porthole style mirrors that can give the feeling of rooms beyond.”

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