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8 Classic Halloween couple costume ideas

Looking to get away from the generic couple costumes this Halloween? Halloween is a day to dress in a silly costume, as a celebrity or as your favorite character from a movie, and no one can say anything about it.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Many of us have to drag our significant other out of their comfort zone and into a costume for a night out with friends, but we’ve found some ideas that even the most reluctant partner will enjoy. This Halloween try one of these eight easy ideas to be the best-looking couple out on the town.


Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have swept through America’s celebrity headlines since the day of their big royal wedding. Kate Middleton has owned the fashion world with her classy, chic style ever since she stepped into the spotlight. For all you couples looking for a more conservative look this Halloween, Prince William and Kate make a perfect match. sells the Royal Wedding Uniform for men and a Royal Wedding Dress for the women. It’s a great idea for men to get this costume, or at least the jacket, because it really ties the outfit together. Ladies, if you are on your man’s arm all night, you could wear any of Kate’s beautiful outfits and pull off this costume. Because the duchess is such a trendsetter, I’m sure you can find something in your closet that is similar to what Kate wears. Wear a short white or cream eyelet gown, add a tiara and you have created another option for a Kate Middleton costume — and a flirtier one at that.


Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Dressing up as cartoon characters isn’t only for kids. Fred and Wilma Flintstone are a perfect costume idea for an older couple — it’s fun and recognizable. This costume is popular every year, so it’s sold in almost every Halloween costume store. If you’re creative and sewing machine-savvy, I would encourage making your own Fred and Wilma costume if you want something more original. If not, places like are selling outfits separately for a decent price and in a variety of sizes. Browse the web for your best deal.


Tarzan and Jane

If you and your partner are comfortable showing a little skin this Halloween, dressing as Tarzan and Jane is a fun idea that requires very minimal prep time. Because Tarzan and Jane lived in the jungle, their attire doesn’t include much more than a loincloth (with a little extra fabric up top for the ladies), which makes for a pretty inexpensive costume. Head to Joann Fabric and Craft Store or Michaels to find animal-print fabric to make this costume — leopard print is probably the most recognizable for this costume. The Tarzan and Jane costumes sold online consist of the already cut and shaped loincloth, and the deluxe version includes a spear. Whether you purchase or make your Tarzan and Jane costume this year, you and your partner will be turning heads in this fun and flirty costume.


Danny and Sandy

Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from Grease are one of the greatest couples to ever grace a movie musical. Sandy’s famous “bad girl” look with her signature high-wasted leather pants is one of the most iconic and recognizable images in movie history. The well-known wardrobe of Danny and Sandy in the movie’s last scene is an easy one to recreate this Halloween and is the perfect outfit for the spunky couple that is looking to have some fun Halloween night. Danny’s outfit includes black jeans, a black T-shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of Converse sneakers, all items most men have in their closet. If not, most department stores will carry all these items, or if you are looking to save money, try stopping by Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or even the Salvation Army store for some of these pieces. Sandy’s outfit can be created from your own closet as well. Black leather pants are preferred, but a pair of black jeans will work for this outfit. Tuck in a skintight black tank top and add a pair of red heels or flats to complete this look. Costume stores like Party City and are also selling Sandy’s costume this October.


Barbie and Ken

An original costume for a preppy couple is Barbie and Ken. The twist to this costume in recent years is that the couple is dressed as Barbie and Ken wearing a pink box around both of them to really show that they are dolls. It’s ingenious and adds to the effectiveness of the costume. As Barbie, you can wear just about anything pink or purple — a puffy pink prom-like dress would be ideal, along with big over-the-top stilettos. For Ken, preppy clothes like golf attire work best; throw on some white tennis shoes and the outfit’s complete. To really be a step up, add a doll box to your outfit — eHow provides instructions on how to create a life-size Barbie box.


Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

All you Twilight Saga followers out there: This may be one of the last years to dress up as our favorite vampire couple for Halloween. With the movie series coming to an end, Bella and Edward are a perfect pick as a costume this year for you and your significant other. For all you couples that aren’t big on dressing up, this is also the costume for you. Bella doesn’t wear much other than jeans, Converse and a flannel or T-shirt. Dressing up as Edward is simple as well. A black pea coat and jeans with a nice pair of loafers can easily complete this sexy vampire’s casual look. Lots of light-colored foundation should be applied to both of your faces because, well, vampires can’t be in the sun!


Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone

If you are a Will Ferrell fan you know how easy it is to quote his comic movies. Whether it’s Elf, Step Brothers or Anchorman, we can always find one-liners to recite. Although Anchorman may have no apparent plot, it does have a great cast. Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate play Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone, two news anchors who end up falling in love. The costumes for both characters are pretty simple. Corningstone wears a business suit with skirt, while Burgundy is in his iconic burgundy suit. Thrift stores or Goodwill are perfect places to find this old-school burgundy suit, or head to Party City. The finishing touch to this outfit is Ron Burgundy’s mustache. If your man can’t grow a ‘stache as thick and memorable as Burgundy’s, purchasing a fake one will suffice. Amazon sells a wide variety of stick-on mustaches.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Our favorite Disney characters are always a classic costume. Mickey and Minnie’s outfits can be created and are sold in a much more modern fashion than years ago. Instead of wearing a big frumpy dress and big gloves, check out for a newer twist to Mickey’s and Minnie’s outfits. As polka dots have made it back into the fashion world recently, it would be easy to create a Minnie Mouse outfit from your own closet. Look for a red and white polka dot dress, shirt or skirt, and create an outfit around it. A big bow like the ones we see in Snooki’s hair every so often would be a perfect addition to this outfit. A simple way to buy or create your own unique Mickey outfit is to wear red pants or shorts, a white shirt with a bow tie and a black blazer over. Most of these items can be found in your man’s closet. Re-creating traditional characters’ outfits like Mickey and Minnie is an easy way to show your fashion sense by modernizing this classic costume.

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