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5 Best places to shop for cheap Halloween costumes

There is one special day where you’re encouraged to spend excessive amounts of money on an outfit you’ll wear for only a couple of hours. Halloween is not that day. The best Halloween costumes are the ones that you spend the least amount of money on while still looking spooky and cute (as cute as a ghoul can look, that is). Here are the places you can shop to find the best Halloween costumes that won’t cost you a severed arm and a bloody leg.


Zoogster Costumes

SNL Spartan Cheerleader

The name sounds more like a joke than a place to find Halloween costumes, but don’t let it fool you. Zoogster has some of the best deals around. Their prices are a steal, at 50 to 75 percent less than any other store. You can pick up this SNL Spartan Cheerleader costume for only $30. With prices this low, you could have a different costume for each party you attend!


Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Waitress costume

This online costume store has something for everyone – even your pets. They sell costumes at wholesale prices directly from factories so you don’t have to spend extra on a great Halloween costume. To add to their great deals, Wholesale Halloween Costumes is shipping orders of every size for a flat rate of $6.50. Pick up your costume today before all the good ones are taken!



Toy Story costume

This is the original costume store for great, cheap Halloween costumes. They have all kinds of costumes from sexy to silly. You can find great deals and selections at any Spencer’s location near you, or check out Spencer’s online for an even better collection of costumes. They’re offering a shipping sale in the spirit of Halloween, so don’t worry about any extra costs. This is a great place to find the best Halloween costumes for cheap.


Hot Topic

Batgirl v-neck

Hot Topic is the place you to go for cheap costumes that don’t involve too many pieces. They have great costumes, but if you’re also looking for something simple to wear to work on Halloween day or pass out candy in, this is the best place to look. Check out their clearance section first, which is all 75 percent off original prices. Or head to their Halloween costumes, where you can find this Batgirl V-neck as part of a BOGO 50 percent off sale.


Halloween Mart

Sexy mobster costume

The Internet’s first Halloween store is having a huge blowout sale, and you need to know about it. Get some of their best costumes for up to 75 percent off right now. They’ve got adults’, kids’ and teens’ costumes available at their online store. Celebrate Halloween as a sexy mobster for only $40. Check out all the best costumes at Halloween Mart now.

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