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From one editor to another: Global-inspired fashion

As Travel + Leisure gears up to host their Global Bazaar event in New York City, the SheKnows beauty editors wanted to bring the shopping experience straight to you while chatting with their editor in chief Nancy Novogrod. She’s dishing on her fave styles and how she keeps a fresh face even when she’s jet-setting.

Travel + Leisure
Nancy Novogrod of Travel + Leisure

This weekend will mark the second ever Global Bazaar event by Travel + Leisure which brings the world’s top brands together and celebrates favorite destinations with food, fashion, art and entertainment from around the world.

Since many of us won’t be able to attend The Bazaar, you can shop the merchandise of the artisans selected by the T + L editors in the online store. Spoiler alert: Get ready for beautiful prints and jewelry that just might instantly transform you into a jetsetter.

… and here’s what Travel + Leisure‘s editor in chief, the woman behind the wonder, had to say about global-inspired style.

SheKnows: After all of your travels to date, which country are you most inspired by when it comes to their fashion and style?

Nancy: The country that continues to dazzle me for its sense of style — the rich colors, wonderful textiles and exotically elegant dress — is India. I always bring home piles of clothing and accessories that I mix in with other things I own.

SheKnows: How do you think fashion is valued differently around the world?

Nancy: I think that there is more emphasis on dressing well, particularly for men, in Western Europe. People are often judged on how they put themselves together. Of course, Asians are fashion and shopping aficionados, and even in the UAE, where many women are covered, there is a passion for accessories and they carry the latest and sometimes most cutting-edge handbags.

SheKnows: What are your favorite pieces featured in the Global Bazaar store?

Nancy's favorite global pieces

Nancy: I love the Andraab and Zaanha shawls, the Venus Polki earrings by Dezso by Sara Beltran, the Live Nigerian Bead Necklace in Coral and the fuchsia leather pouf from Marrakesh. Actually, there’s too much that I find irresistible to list.

SheKnows: What’s the best fashion item you have bought from another country?

Nancy: A navy blue Moroccan wool jacket with embroidered details that looks fabulous over skinny pants — I wear it all the time for casual evenings in the winter.

SheKnows: As a busy, working woman on-the-go, hands down, what’s the best advice you have for the career woman when it comes to looking best even if you feel beaten down and exhausted?

Nancy: Exercise! There’s nothing better to clear the mind, wake you up… and put a shine on your skin.

SheKnows: Your best travel beauty tips?

Nancy: I always take plenty of rich hand cream and cuticle cream on flights with me, and I try to get as much sleep as possible.

SheKnows: What’s one place you think every woman should travel?

Nancy: Italy. I think every man should travel there, too.

SheKnows: Best trip you ever took and one thing you learned on that trip?

Nancy: One of the best trips I ever took was to a lodge in the Atacama Desert in Chile with my family. We all love being outdoors, and the scenery and hiking there were spectacular. I knew it already, but this was a great reminder of the importance of being surrounded by the ones you love.

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