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A Rosie the Riveter costume DIY that’ll make you feel like a total badass

5. Tying your bandanna

Trying on the Rosie the Riveter bandanna
Image: Audrey Luzader/SheKnows

Before you tie your bandanna around your head, take a couple of bobby pins and just the top section of your hair, and pin it into a small bump. Then put your hair up in a somewhat high and messy bun. After this, place your folded bandanna at the back of your head, holding the ends of it in each hand at the top of your head. Simply tie the ends together in a knot, right behind the hair you’ve pinned up. You can also watch a quickie video tutorial on the hairstyle and bandanna here.

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6. The details

Time to grab that ruby-red lipstick and apply! After application, grab a tissue, fold in half, place between both lips, and close them together over the tissue. This will prevent excess lipstick from smearing and getting all over your teeth.

7. Pull it together!

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume
Image: Audrey Luzader/SheKnows

Slip into your denim button-up and tuck it into a pair of your comfy jeans, and you’re almost ready to go. Snatch a plain-brown belt and a pair of tennis shoes from your closet, tape your pin to your shirt, and your Rosie the Riveter costume is officially complete! Now it’s time to hit the town and show off your inexpensive new creation!

If you’re going out with a group of friends this Halloween, Rosie isn’t the only empowering, female-friendly costume you can make on the cheap. We’re kind of obsessed with this $30 Katniss Everdeen costume hack. Or how about dressing like a life-sized Fruit of the Loom or Where’s Waldo — because who needs gender roles, anyway?

Rosie the riveter costume
Image: Becci Collins/SheKnows

Originally published Oct. 2012. Updated Aug. 2016.

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