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Pumpkin pie postcard

Coming to a mailbox near you: pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin pie postcard

Everyone will love it when you say “hi” with this slice of pie. Topped with a dollop of “whipped” caulk, don’t be surprised if the postman tries to take a bite.

Mailable pumpkin pie ingredients:

  • 4 x 6-inch piece of upholstery foam (found in hobby or craft stores)
  • 4 x 6-inch piece of cream-colored mat board or cardboard (found in hobby or craft stores)
  • 1 bottle of yellow ochre craft paint (for the sides of the pie)
  • 1 bottle of honey brown craft paint (for the top of the pie)
  • 1 tube of almond or biscuit-colored tub & wall caulk (found in most discount or hardware stores)
  • 1 tube of white tub & wall caulk (found in most discount or hardware stores)

Cut mat board

Cut mat board

Cut your cream-colored mat board to a triangle that measures 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Place your cut triangle on top of your upholstery foam.


Cut foam

Cut foam

Using a serrated knife, slice back and forth, cutting the foam to the same shape as your triangle.


Paint foam

Paint colors

Paint the sides of the foam slice yellow ochre. Paint the top a slightly darker version of the sides. I used honey brown, but you can also just mix some brown into your yellow ochre to give you a deeper “baked” pumpkin pie color. (If you look at a real slice of pumpkin pie, it’s not orange. It’s more of a yellowish brown color.)

Painted top of the pumpkin pie postcard

Lightly brush some of the darker paint over the top edges of the yellow-ochre sides to give it the effect of a cooked slice of pie.

Painted pumpkin pie postcard

Allow your painted slice of pumpkin pie to dry overnight. Outline the reverse side edge of the mat board triangle with almond wall caulk.


Attach postcard

Attach postcard

Squeeze more caulk down the center of the foam triangle. Attach the mat board triangle to the painted foam piece and smooth out the caulking on the edges with your finger, forming a seal between the mat board and foam. Allow this to dry at least an hour.

Attach and seal postcard to the foam


Make the crust

Adding the caulk to the back of the pie for the crust

To make the crust, squeeze lines of caulk onto the back edge of the foam triangle and smooth with your finger, again forming a seal between the foam and mat board.

Finished crust on the pumpkin pie postcard

Squeeze a zigzag pattern of caulk along the top back edge to make a finished pie crust.


Add the whipped cream

Add dollop of white caulking to the top of the pie

If desired, squeeze a dollop of white wall caulk on top for whipped cream.

Finished pumpkin pie postcard, top view

Allow your slice of pie to dry for three to five days (depends on how thick you applied your caulk). Postage will run anywhere from $2  to $3, depending on the size and weight of your finished slice.

Final product

Final pumpkin pie postcard, side view

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