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Flo From Progressive Is the Simplest DIY Halloween Costume Ever

3. “I ‘heart’ insurance” button

Create the I heart insurance button for your Flo the Progressive lady costume
Image: Nicole Schwab/SheKnows

The template for the button is also provided on the Progressive website, so just follow the same steps you used for the name tag for the insurance button. You may need to open the button in a different Internet browser if it does not download. It may be harder to fold the button’s edges over the cardboard because it is circle-shaped, but thankfully, the template provides four lines that you can cut along to make the shape less awkward. Once you have glued both your name tag and button to the cardboard, it’s time to pin them!

4. Pinning

Take a safety pin, and measure out where it will fit on the back of the name tag. Then do the same for the button. Then take your glue gun, and place a large strip of glue horizontally down the name tag, in the location where you want to affix the pin. Quickly place your safety pin, unopened side down, on the glue, and hold it in place for a few seconds. Repeat this process for the button as well. Let both of the safety pins dry for a few minutes, then open them to make sure they are working properly. If they aren’t, no worries — just take them off and repeat the steps again, being more careful when choosing where to place them.

5. Placement

Once the nametag and the button are done, place them both in the correct positions on your white apron: the name tag on the left and the button on the right. Align them with one another and the Progressive logo, for perfection. Now add your white polo, white pants and navy shoes to complete the outfit.

6. Hair and makeup

What would Flo be without her signature retro hair and makeup?! To get both these looks, apply bright red lipstick and a thick layer of black eyeliner to just your top lids. If you don’t have naturally brown hair, don’t worry, because there’s a wig for that! If you are lucky enough to have Flo’s dark locks, tease the crown of your hair and flip the ends out. Slip on your navy headband to complete the look.

If you’re not feeling Flo this year, there are still plenty of original DIY costumes to choose from that are both cheap and easy. This DIY bat costume can be pulled together in about 10 minutes. We’re also fans of this homemade Minion costume that you can put together for less than $20; this DIY Katniss Everdeen costume and this DIY Rosie the Riveter.

Progressive lady costume
Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

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