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Get the makeup look: Topshop Unique’s London Fashion Week show

Think the Fashion Week fun is over? Think again! Cities all around the world are debuting their spring/summer 2013 collections and we’re having a great time following them. We recently spied this adorable makeup look at Topshop’s Unique show in London and just had to share.

Topshop Unique's London Fashion Week show

The background

Topshop makeup artist Hannah Murray created the look especially for the Unique SS13 show. The collection featured fluid fabrics for a feminine yet androgynous look and the makeup echoed the toughened, ’90s vibe.

The look

An effortless, pretty punk look that added a toughened edge to a palette of sheer and pumped up pinks. The look had a nice nod to a ’90s vibe, and eyes and skin were vibrant.

Topshop Unique's London Fashion Week show
Topshop Unique's London Fashion Week show
Topshop Unique's London Fashion Week show


“For this show I wanted to complement the fashion with a palette of similar colors and textures. To give more depth to eyes, I layered a blend of both Prime Time and Flush onto lids, blending outwards. With a nod to the sheer organza, I then overlaid the pearlescent pink powder by patting delicately over the entire lid over the pink blush. The Crayon in Pewter was heavily applied to the waterline and below lashes, hooking around the inner corner of the eye. I then smudged the color in using my finger and eyes were scrunched. Black mascara was applied to top lashes only.”


“I used Brighten Concealer sparingly under eyes to even out any dark circles and skin imperfections before creating our own juicy cheek stain by blending lips in Beguiled with Balm in Sheer. I needed skin to feel super juicy to echo the liquid gloss fabrics so I used Balm in Sheer on the highlights of skin to make it look drenched in moisture and just a touch sporty.”


“This season, the makeup was all about eyes and skin, so we pared down lips by delicately patting a very light layer of Lips in Nevada followed by a subtle pat of the Pale Pink Pearl eyeshadow on the center of the lips to pull the look together.”


TopShop makeup


  • Topshop Make Up Balm in Sheer, $8, Topshop,
  • Topshop Make Up Brighten in Moonlight, $12, Topshop,


  • Topshop Make Up Lips in Beguiled and Nevada, $16 each, Topshop,


  • Topshop Make Up Blush in Flush and Prime Time, $12 each, Topshop,
  • Topshop Make Up Mascara in Raven, $16, Topshop,
  • Topshop Make Up Smokey Eye Palette in Constellation, $24, Topshop,
  • Topshop Make Up Kohl in Coal, $8, Topshop,
  • Topshop Make Up Crayon in Pewter, $10, Topshop,


  • Topshop Make Up Nails in Nice ‘n’ Neutral, $10 Topshop, Personal Shopping at 212-966-9455

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