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Erin Andrews shares her strength

Erin Andrews, American sportscaster, journalist and television personality, has been through her fair share of ups and downs in the public eye. We had the chance to chat with this amazing career woman and hear her secrets on standing tall through the most difficult of times.

Interview: Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews at 2010 Espy Awards

We can all appreciate a great success story, but a success story that continues on after what could have caused someone to duck out of the spotlight is that much more incredible. We were given the chance to talk with Erin Andrews about her amazing attitude and unbreakable spirit and how she manages to keep her head held high through it all.

Being in the public eye

Erin is no stranger to the press. A journalist herself, she has been the one asking the questions and also the one answering. Through a tumultuous few years she managed to amaze us all by coming back stronger than ever, and she credits her strength to her family. “My mom and dad taught me to be a fighter. They taught me to never back down from something negative.”

This talented journalist inspired women everywhere to keep on going when she returned to her successful career after difficult times. “I think it sends a message that it’s OK to show your face again,” adds Andrews.

Erin has not only continued her career, but has shone in the spotlight on television in Dancing with the Stars. “I’m definitely a stronger person than I was before,” shares Erin. “If I came out of this OK, everything else is a piece of cake.”

Whether Erin is talking about the latest sporting event or is dancing for millions, she always manages to look incredible, and she shared with us a few of her secrets. “I’m in my midthirties. I’m from the South. When it comes to makeup, there’s no reason to cake it on. I try for the fresh, dewy look.” Erin says her favorite off-camera outfit is ripped-up jeans and a baseball cap, even though she rarely has time to wear them and relax.

“I don’t really ever relax. I think I’m wired that way. I love a good reality show,” confesses Andrews. “I’m always on the go. Relaxing is being at home watching TV or on the computer.”

Unapologetically strong

Erin’s most recent venture has been to team up with Degree for its “Unapologetically Strong” campaign. She is a natural fit for this amazing campaign that celebrates women who push their boundaries. If you visit Degree’s Facebook page, you can share your story of success and read other women’s stories for an extra dose of inspiration. You will also find tips from Erin to keep you striving for your goals. Once you share your own story, you will have a chance to win $5,000 toward accomplishing your dreams.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that Erin Andrews exemplifies strength, spirit and unwavering confidence. We were thrilled to have a few minutes of her time, and hope you feel just as inspired as we did after hearing more about how this fabulous female does it all.

Watch the full interview

Interview: Erin Andrews shares her strength
Erin Andrews shares how she has overcome adversity to reach great success.

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