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Stay committed to your shelves: How to keep your shelves organized

Shelves are supposed to help keep your home clutter-free, not add to the mess! So how do you keep your shelves clean, mess-free and simple to organize? Follow these tips and tricks for easy shelf organization!

modern white shelving

Tips and tricks to clutter-free shelves

Organizing doesn’t have to mean ugly, especially when it comes to shelving! By adding fun labels, photo frames, bins and baskets, you can not only clean up the clutter living on your shelves, but update your house’s tired decor too!

Clearly label jars, bins and baskets

Luckily, labels are all the rage (especially chalkboard ones), so keeping your boxes, baskets and jars tidy and organized can be cute and effective. If you want something a bit more mod, place clearly identifiable objects (like stones, peppers and pencils) in glass jars for easing spotting. An easy way to label spices is to buy chalkboard jars like these from Anthropologie so you can erase the label once the spice is gone. Keep all of your labeled jars on one shelf, and place bins and baskets on the other to keep things symmetrical.

Color coordinate

Want a cleaner shelf and one that can double as art? Color coordinate! Stack your dishes by size and color in your kitchen or dining room for a quick, easy and sleek way to organize. To keep the look modern and clean, keep the mugs on one shelf, the bowls on another and so on. For a fun, artsy look, style the colored shelves with mis-matched photo frames, letters, Mason jars and candlesticks.

Remember: Less is more

If there’s one thing you need to remember, it’s this: In the rules of home decor, less is always more! The number-one way to make your shelves or bookshelves look cluttered is to clutter them up! Sleek shelves call for a sparser look, so group together a set of books that are all around the same size and height. Accessorize the rest of the space with jars, bins, baskets or decorative vases. If your shelves are deep, add lovely layers by stacking lean plates against the wall and anchoring them with heavier items, like vases, jars and books.

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