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Tips and tricks to keeping your fridge organized, clean and efficient

Whether we are single career girls, full-time moms or new kitchen owners, there is never any excuse to have a disorganized refrigerator. Here are five tips and tricks for every woman to know, so the next time someone opens your refrigerator, you’re not embarrassed by the mess.

woman with a clean refrigerator

Stay in uniform

One of the most annoying fridge finds is that side shelf of a dozen condiments, half of which have never been used or have past expired. Making custom condiment jars to uniform your favorite dressings will do a kitchen wonders. Invest in several small glass jars and creatively label them with names of you or your family’s can’t-live-without condiments (a few of mine are honey dijon mustard and organic ketchup). Carefully pick their permanent shelf and stick to it. Not only does this look better than the half-used storm of labels and jars, but it’s even more accessible and efficient than before.


Milk jugs, water pitchers and juice bottles do not mix well. They always look awkwardly placed or miraculously (without fail) become obstructed in the back of the fridge. It’s time to uniform your liquids, too. Throw out their original containers and pour your essentials (milk, water and seasonal juice) into three labeled glass bottles. Place in a corner and say goodbye to different shaped bottles and infamous back-of-the-fridge gravity. The tasteful new uniformity between your liquids and condiments will have you in love with your fridge’s new look.

Veggies, fruit, meat and the law

As two of the most important food groups in the land, veggies and fruits undoubtedly deserve their own high space in the refrigerator. These two healthy groups need to be placed in separate top drawers or on top shelves. Once you’ve established their places, try color-coding fruit and vegetables into different containers to keep organized and avoid cross-flavor absorption.

Expert tip: Be sure to only refrigerate necessary fruits and vegetables. Some of us may have learned wrong growing up, but many fruits and vegetables ripen and taste better at room temperature.

The deal on meat

Simply, it belongs on the bottom. Be sure to keep everything carefully wrapped and pay close attention to expiration dates. No fresh meat should be kept more than three days.

Leftover space

Put color-coded glass tupperware to to use and reserve a special shelf in your refrigerator for leftovers and prepared meals. It’s a common stress when we constantly have to search and make room for dinner leftovers or next-day lunches. Save yourself time and make a specific area for them. Having a space for these meals will make life easier for everyone in the house. We recommend a circular silver or decorated platter to place everything. Beware: don’t let this area pile up as goods expire. Keep it under control by clearing the area every few days.

Clean once a week

Most people only clean and detail their refrigerator once every three months. In extreme cases, we have amateur food hoarders who take months before throwing anything out (busy moms, you’ve been there). This is the most common mistake. Keep your fridge sparkling year-round. Be sure to restock your condiments, drinks and take inventory of your food weekly. Put everything back in the same place week after week. You will develop habits to keep your food and fridge organized and healthy for life.

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