5 laundry room organizing tips that will change every mom’s life

Conquering a big laundry load isn’t so much of a routine as it is the art of organization. Here are five simple organization tricks to change your laundry life forever.

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There comes a time in every mom’s life when she gets overwhelmed by her family’s laundry piles — especially as they grow in both size and stench. Conquering a big laundry load isn’t so much of a routine as it is an art: an art of organization. Here are five simple organization tricks to change your laundry life forever.

Basket case

The secret to baskets is that they need to be conducive to your routine. Yes, that means eliminating the “one giant basket” we all love. If you wash each person’s laundry load separately, each basket should have that person’s name on it, accompanied by dividers for darks, lights and colors. If you wash according to color or type of laundry, we recommend investing in a variety of medium baskets. One mom in my life manages six different loads: jeans, towels, lights, brights, whites and darks. Don’t be afraid to invest in a little fleet that complements your laundry room decor. Three medium baskets and three small baskets all appropriately labeled would be perfect for any routine. For the kids, we recommend helping them craft a custom laundry bag to hang on their bedroom door and collecting it twice a week. Every mom’s routine is different and there is no right or wrong way — just be sure to organize yours so it works for you.

Hang in there

Two little words: color coded. Hangers should have a separate color for each family member. No one likes the closet that has 23 types of hangers and our clothes don’t either. This color trick keeps clean clothes organized throughout your laundry routine and ready for an easy drop off to the appropriate closet. Make sure each family member knows his or her color, so when your husband frantically looks for his Hugo Boss button-down for his meeting or your little boy needs his soccer shorts, they don’t destroy your laundry room. This trick will not only keep your mind and laundry room more organized, but it’s a small detail that makes all closets look better.

Put a sock in it

We’ve all had those days when we are frantically searching the whole laundry room for that other sock. Stop, save time and implement a sock routine immediately. We’re pretty sure it will extend your life by a year. At my house, we have a sock basket and wash the load once a week. Another option is hanging customized sock bags in the laundry room for each family member, to keep them separate and identifiable. Once the socks are out the the dryer, fold them all immediately to prevent confusion and MIA incidents. There is plenty of room for creativity here, but a sock method is a must.

Everyday I’m shelfing

Shelves are the key to happiness. No, not standard shelves. Beautiful shelves! Ones that we deserve — and plenty of them. Shelves can beautifully display your laundry soaps, baskets and tools and keep them organized! Think of your laundry room as a place to nurse your clothes back to health: you’ll needing everything accessible and easy-to-find to save them properly. Having all the medicines, remedies, soaps and necessities at hand are essential to an efficient routine. Shelves can also be a great place to temporarily place folded clean laundry once it’s finished. We recommend at least three levels of shelving to make your laundry days a pleasure.

Contain yourself

It doesn’t take much for a laundry room to become an aisle of bulky, different products. Constantly bringing new products in and out of your laundry room can make things confusing and exhausting. One of my favorite tricks to keeping my laundry room organized is to make everything my own. Invest in several mason jars or large glass containers and label them with your most common laundry products — softener, lights soap, color soap, etc. Pour your products in the appropriate containers with a scoop if necessary. Make it all uniform and aesthetically pleasing so you’re genuinely happy when you enter your laundry room. Once you label all your jars and refill them appropriately, you’ll start to memorize and appreciate everything as it becomes your own.

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