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What the inside of your kitchen drawers says about you

We all have different ways of organizing our kitchens and making them our own. Over the years, we tend to collect and adopt little tools and habits from our kitchen experiences. Whether we realize it or not, our kitchen drawers are insights to our life. Here are four common kitchen drawer and cupboard finds that give our personalities away:

Lazy susan

The “lazy susan” 

If you have a “lazy susan” in one of your your cupboards, you likely always had the domestic and traditional bone in you. You don’t usually go for the latest modern kitchen accessory, but instead opt to maintain a comfortable, practical and family-ready kitchen. Your mom probably had one in her kitchen, which was inspired by her mother. This traditional American kitchen touch dates back to 1906 when it was mentioned in a Good Housekeeping article, but it even has traces as early at the 18th century.

junk drawer

The junk drawer

If you have a pretty impressive and well-equipped junk drawer, chances are you keep your father very close to your heart. It’s full of practical and useful items such as important phone numbers, batteries, candles, a flashlight and spare keys — all emergency appropriate. If you find your junk drawer is full of mostly mail, paperwork and pens, you were likely more influenced by your mother.

coffee grounds

The coffee cupboard

If you have a drawer or cupboard in your kitchen specifically dedicated to coffee, chances are you are an independent and career-driven person. You are ambitious, successful and assertive. These types religiously use one or two special cups and live a fast-paced life in the city. Those with a large variety of cups typically live a more balanced, family-oriented and calm life in a suburb or small town.


The tupperware drawer

Don’t worry, not the plastic tupperware, but the fine, modernized color-coded kind. Family is the most important thing in your life. You are the strong backbone to your family and have the capabilities to be a leader (if you’re not already), just as your parents were for you and your siblings. You aim for a healthy marriage and don’t mind trading in the career to be a full-time mom. You are giving and nurturing by nature and always like being on schedule and prepared.

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