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Be a modern mom: Chic ways to organize your kitchen

The kids take over the family room, the bathroom and even your kitchen. Here are a few ideas to maintain an organized, happy kitchen that both mom and kids can enjoy.

woman in organized kitchen

Mason jar jubilee

Mason jars are the hottest thing on the market and a favorite item of many crafters. The Mason jar can be an essential item in the kitchen as well, best used to store baking items such as powdered sugar, chocolate chips and even less-used goods, like coconut. Swipe the front of the Mason jar with chalkboard paint to label items and to avoid any confusion when searching for items on the quick.

If you don’t want to spend the money on Mason jars, upcycle used spaghetti, pickle or reclaimed jars for the same result. Paint the outside only with funky colors for extra pantry appeal. Do it yourself with help from Pure and Noble’s tutorial.

Whimsical wicker

Wicker baskets are not just for organizing items in the living room and bedrooms anymore. Use them in your pantry for granola bars, fruit snacks or spice mixes (taco seasoning, gravy mix, etc). Label items with handmade labels, or pick up square pieces of glass and paint them with chalkboard paint to match the jars.

Door decor

Pantry and cabinet doors can be great accessories. Hang door organizers on them to hold spices, pan lids and other small items. Label the tops of the spice jars with stickers or a sharpie marker to avoid having to pick up every item to find what you need.


If looking to upcycle, use old shower organizers. Paint the organizer to meet your kitchen needs and hang it with a nail on your pantry door. Use shampoo bottle areas for condiments such as salad dressing, ketchup and mustard.

Bind it

Have an obsession with our SheKnows recipe section, but nowhere to store all of the recipes you’re dying to try? Purchase a three-ring binder (or steal one of your kiddo’s extra ones) and use plastic insert sheets to organize recipes. Divide by breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and kids. Toss recipes you don’t like to make room for new ones.

Kids zone

Little kids’ dishes have a way of taking over the entire kitchen. To avoid the clutter and confusion, create a kids’ zone, a cupboard specifically meant for children’s plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. Purchase the same style plate for easy stacking ability, and use the top cup to store the cutlery items. Make the colors fun for an eye appealing cupboard.

We love Ikea’s children’s tableware. Priced as low as $2 for a six-piece set, it’s not only affordable but cute as well!

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