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Biggest teen fashion faux pas

We all can relate — there are hideous outfits from our past that we wish to never see again. Let’s help our teens out by teaching them to never make these mistakes.

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Demi Lovato: Risk taker

Demi Lovato: Risk Taker

While Demi is choosing to express herself in a different way than her peers, there is a time and a place to experiment with new fashion. Her high ponytail and dramatic dress would fit better at a fashion event instead of the Teen Choice Awards. Demi should take a cue from her bestie Selena Gomez and wear something simple, yet becoming. Having your teen express themselves through clothing is a great thing, but make sure they are appropriate for the event.

Miley Cyrus: Trendsetter

Miley Cyrus: Trendsetter

Here Miley gives her take on a high-low dress, but it seems to be a bit too high and too low. If your teen wants to be trendy, because being a fashionista requires that, have them try a trend that is modest and not too dramatic. Try finding a much more appropriate high-low skirt and pair it with a cute tank, and they are set for loads of compliments.

Danielle Doty: Edgy flare

Danielle Doty: Edgy Flare

Although Danielle Doty won the title of Miss Teen USA, she is trying a bit too hard to be a rocker queen. Being edgy and original is important to teens and makes them feel cool. Doty could afford to switch her skimpy skirt for red skinny jeans. To go with the rocker theme, switch out the high-knee boots for some sparkly Toms. Keep the classic leather jacket, but ditch the chunky jewelry to make the outfit more accessible for just about anywhere, including school.

Ashley Greene: Grown-up look

Ashley Greene: Grownup Look

If your teen wants to show off their sophisticated side, make sure they wear something figure flattering. Although Greene looks super chic, her white top drapes too far down and lands on the widest part of her hips. Learning what works for your body type is a key part of growing up, so when wearing an outfit such as Greene’s, make sure they tuck in the top to flatter their legs. A high-wasted skirt of any kind flatters most body types, and adding a basic tank top with simply jewelry will make your teen look super chic and fancy.

Jennette McCurdy: Casual cool

Jennette McCurdy: Casual-cool

Teens will most likely want to dress causal, but wearing something frumpy and mismatched like Jennette McCurdy just isn’t cool. Basic white skinny jeans and a fitted T-shirt are as casual-cool as it can get. Pairing matching Converse sneakers or patterned flats with the outfit will complete the look. The best thing about this outfit is it can be dressed up by adding cute bangles and wedges. Giving your teen options with outfits will help them to learn what their own style truly is.

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