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It’s the little things in beauty that matter

You know what they say: the best things come in small packages! Well, when it comes to beauty, this couldn’t be truer. For all you busy girls out there, take a peep at these pint-sized products that will not only fit nicely in your purse, but will pack a huge punch as well.

Little beauty essentials
Beauty essentials

All the small things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that really do matter the most (particularly when you’re never at home).

Lather Clear Head Balancing Balm

Under a ton of pressure at work? Relax and find your center so that you look and feel your absolute best from the inside out. Packaged in a tiny tin, this powerful product contains therapeutic essential oils to calm and uplift, as well as soothing emollients for stressed-out skin. Stash Lather Clear Head Balancing Balm (, $9) in your handbag, and apply a dab to your temples, back of the neck, forehead and any other areas of tension — then take a deep breath and just release the worry. You can also use it to tame flyaways or hydrate dry spots on your knuckles or elbows!

Good Luck Minimergency Kit for Her

Make sure you’re prepared for a beauty emergency no matter where you are. This essential, Good Luck Minimergency Kit for Her (, $15) contains everything you need to keep your hair, makeup, skin and nails looking gorgeous on-the-go. From lip balm to clear elastics, hairspray, polish remover, dental floss and more, it really does have it all. Plus, each bag comes adorned with a good luck charm!

Skinn Cosmetics Palette Of Perfection: The Must-Haves

Forget lugging around your entire cosmetics bag. Instead, lighten the load with this chic and convenient makeup palette (, $43), including concealer, blush, translucent powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip color, lip gloss and a handy-dandy mirror and brushes to apply everything. Finally — all your makeup in one easy-to-use compact.

Malie Organics’ Roll-On Perfume

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise and inhale the sensual smells of Hawaii with Malie Organics’ Roll-On Perfume (, $32), available in six intoxicating scents. Small enough to fit in your clutch, you can literally bring this bottle with you anywhere.

IntelliWHITE Pout N Polish

Freshen up breath, whiten teeth and paint that pout with this three-in-one Beauty Treatment Pen (, $25) that features a plumping lip gloss on one end and a whitening tooth polish on the other. Hey, you never know when you might run into your crush!

Cenoire Novo Atomizer Facial Mist Spray

Headed from work to happy hour? Break out this portable beauty accessory to moisturize skin and freshen up before drinks. Simply press the power button, hold the atomizer 6 inches away from your face and let the mist absorb deeply into your skin. You’ll love this facial mist spray (, $40).

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