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How to wear the best pant styles and materials for each season

The best thing about the changing seasons is that your style can constantly evolve. From top to bottom there are endless possibilities for ensemble choices. In case you need a road map to follow all of the trends, we’ve made it easier for you by compiling the best pant styles and materials for each season.

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These are the must haves for every part of the year.

Fall fashion

During the fall, the air is crisp and the leaves are falling, but so is the rain and the temperature. Stay warm with a long pant during the fall months. The best choices to stay warm but not overheat in the unpredictable temperatures are suede or heavy cotton. Old Navy offers great colors in their Old Navy Rockstar Cords. They can be dressed up for a night out or worn to class in back to school fashion. Definitely a must have!

Winter wardrobe

Winter is all about keeping warm while not compromising your style. It is possible! The best fabrics to wear during the snowy days are wool and knit pants. They will trap the warmth and make you look hot. Wool pants like these from Nordstrom work for the office, while these knit pants are perfect for casual wear.

Spring styles

Spring reminds us that there is light at the end of the winter tunnel. Warmer temperatures start showing up and making everyone just a little happier. Spring style reflects this by being bright and fun. Long capris and cuffed pants start showing up in street style. Spring also brings out rayon fabrics. It’s light and breathes well so you stay cool while the temperatures rise. Old Navy has rayon fabric cropped pants that are idea for spring style.

Summer chic

Hot temperatures in the summer mean as little clothing as possible. But shorts are not the only thing you can wear in the scorching summer months. The most popular style in the summer is linen pants. They look stunning on the beach as a cover up or can be worn to a casual BBQ with friends. Get this great pair from Kohl’s for your summer wardrobe.

Year round fashion

We can’t forget to mention the most versatile piece of any wardrobe — denim. It doesn’t matter which season you’re dressing up for; the most essential piece of clothing is a great pair of denim pants. Fill your closet with different cuts and colors, but make sure you have denim for all seasons. These Old Navy Rockstars are a fabulous start to a great denim collection.

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