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How to find the right pants length for heels

Do you feel like Goldilocks when searching for the perfect pair of pants? Whether you’re short, tall or somewhere in between, knowing what the perfect hem length is for different pant styles can be difficult. Here’s the scoop on finding the perfect pant length for heels!

Celebrities wearing jeans with heels


Skinny jeans seem like the easy choice when wearing heels. They slide right on, no hemming necessary! But there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a skinny. You may not think they can be “too short” or “too long” but they can. Skinnies shouldn’t be so tight they don’t have any wiggle room below your ankle. If they hug above your ankle, they’re too high. And if you have to cuff them up, they’re too long for heels but can still be worn casually with sandals.

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Jenny McCarthy at the Old Navy Fashion Show

Side note: Jenny McCarthy looked fashion forward in her Old Navy Rockstar skinnies and wedges.

Bell bottoms

If you’re choosing a bell bottom pant, please go all the way! This means, a dramatic, long hem. Anything shorter than one inch off of the ground with your heels on will just do strange things to your silhouette. Bell bottoms look best with chunky platforms, so choose a pair that’s tall, but extremely comfortable to walk in. Most of the shoe won’t show. When in doubt, always buy your jeans longer than you think and pay a visit to your tailor. They’ll become your newest best friend in no-time!

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There is nothing more destructive to a woman’s look than ill-fitting trousers. The fabrics can be hard enough to work with, let alone trying to find a pair that will agree with all of your various work shoes. My advice is this: If you find a pair of trousers you adore, buy two pairs. Keep one hem shorter for flats, and then leave the others a little longer for your heels.

When wearing heels, avoid trousers that hug too tightly on your thighs and then flare out from your knee to your feet. This will make you look like you’re extra curvy, balancing on teeny tiny feet. You want to look for trousers that create one long, lean line down your leg, and make sure the hemline grazes the tips of your toes. I love pairing trousers with pointy-toe pumps, because it allows you to show a little more shoe.

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