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The well-dressed woman’s guide to packing a suitcase

Behind every good looking, well-dressed woman is an amazing closet, and sometimes, more likely than not, a perfectly packed suitcase.

Woman with suitcase

The majority of the women I know, be it friends or clients, spend a ton of time on the road. Knowing how to pack a suitcase, from essentials to expendables, is as important as knowing the perfect mixture of brownies and ice cream for girls’-night-in!

Leggings from Hue

Here are a couple of travel tips I can offer you that might make your suitcase slightly more organized — and absolutely more versatile!


Always pack at least one pair of leggings! They’re perfect for an amazing pair of heels for a fun evening out, while at the same time adorable with sandals or flip flops for a casual day with family or friends. Either way, leggings are an absolute essential! And they take up little to no room in your bag! The website has every pair of leggings you could ever imagine!

color block maxi dress from River IslandFun maxi day/night dress

It’s so important, not only for your suitcase but for your entire wardrobe, that you have that versatile dress that can do afternoon and evening with just the change of your heels and some accessories. I always try to pack two dresses with this in mind. It saves space and it’s also super fun making the transition from one look to the next! Try this color block maxi dress from River Island ($43).

ream and tan leather pumpHeels

You ALWAYS have to have that one pair of amazing heels! Again it doesn’t matter if you’re pairing them with those fun leggings or the maxi dress — one pair of heels is just as important as the flip flops you will most likely be rocking all day! They always add fabulous to your ensemble, are super fun and give you a boost of self-confidence! I love these cream and tan leather pumps ($238) from Zeyzani!

Blue Garden classic candleAn amazing candle

I never leave home without one! I find candles to be super soothing! It is rare that I do not pack one for myself or for a client. They can give you that little extra bit of relaxation you need to end that hard day on the road! Nest Candles are my go-to! So many amazing scents and very fairly priced for what I would describe as the key to a calming evening! Try their Blue Garden classic candle, $32 at Nordstrom. Blue hydrangea, hyacinth and forget-me-nots are blended with fresh green notes and a dew drop accord to create the aroma of a lush floral garden. Housed in blue translucent glass, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this candle will be donated to Autism Speaks.

Banana Republic blouseThe perfect button down blouse

The perfect fitted button down blouse, like this one from Banana Republic ($64), is always a key essential to smart packing! This is also an item that has a dual function! It can be worn during the day with a fun fall skirt for shopping and just hanging out. In the evening it can be paired with the perfect pencil skirt or dress pants for a more formal look.

More tips to ease the packing process

  • Always roll your clothing instead of folding. It saves space and keeps your clothing wrinkle free!
  • Pack your socks and underwear in your shoes. Always a great space saver!
  • Pack your accessories in plastic zip top bags. It protects them from any spilling that might happen during the trip. It also keeps them from getting tangled or caught on your clothing.

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