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Should you create an online resume?

In this day and age of rapidly changing technology, many are creating their own websites or pages to act as an online resume. Is this a good option for you? Here are the details on why or why not.

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Are you job hunting and searching for a way to make your talents stand out? Now that everyone is searching for ways to master the internet, online resumes are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if the switch from creating a paper document to creating an online resume is a good idea for you.

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Is the company tech savvy?

The first thing to consider, before creating and sending an online resume, is whether or not the company will be comfortable with this shift in resume style. If you are applying somewhere that barely uses the internet, sending them a link to look at your qualifications may not be the best idea. But if you are trying to stand out in a sea of applications to a company that has a fantastic online presence, an online resume might just be the way to do it.

Can you create something that looks and sounds great?

Probably the most important thing to decide before attempting an online resume is whether or not you are comfortable with the process. If you have to hire a web designer and a technology guru to get you started, you may want to stick to creating the typical resume in paper document form. There are numerous sites that make creating an online resume easy. You can start with something basic like LinkedIn or venture onto a site that helps you create your own like and if you are really up for a challenge, try creating your own domain and personal website. Robin Farr, communications manager, writer and blogger at Farewell Stranger, says, “I built this resume to play around with the features, because I liked the idea of adding visual portfolio pieces. It’s been great — easy to update and much less awkward than trying to send a whole bunch of attachments to share my work.”

Does it fit the industry you are aiming for?

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If you are applying for a position in the online world, a marketing or social media company or somewhere with a heavy focus on technology, an online resume might be the tool you need to set yourself apart from the rest. Showing a company that you already have skills in an area they have mastered is a great way to impress them from the start. Noel Thompson, owner of DPro Marketing shares, “The problem with traditional resumes is they don’t account for personality. They’re merely stat sheets. Online resumes allow people to express their creativity and personality. They even allow for the expression of passion.”

Will it help you stand out?

Are you among a sea of candidates applying for the same position? Do you have enough technology know-how to create an eye-catching online presence? Maybe you have skills such as video editing or graphic design that you would like to display. An online resume will give you the chance to show off your strengths from the beginning. “Video and interactive resumes can actually help people stand out from the crowd. I’ve spent time looking at people that we were not initially interested in, but because of how interesting they made their presentation, we interviewed and ultimately we hired them,” adds Thompson.

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