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Update your kitchen cabinets with new hardware

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired, but you aren’t in the market for a remodel? Replace the hardware on your cabinets and drawers and see what a difference it makes.

Kitchen cabinet hardware

Do you dream of a whole-kitchen remodel straight out of a magazine photo spread? Kitchens begin to look dated more quickly than any other room in your home. Replacing cabinets and countertops is an expensive proposition, but what if you could update them just a bit at little cost? Replacing or adding new cabinet hardware is a great way to update your look with the latest finishes and styles, without breaking open the piggy bank.

Modern or traditional?

The first thing you need to consider when looking for new cabinet hardware is the overall look you would like for your kitchen. There are literally thousands of drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to choose from, so you need a starting point. Many cabinet styles are easily adaptable to any style of knobs — modern, traditional or even funky. Spend some time gathering pictures of kitchens you like from home magazines to help you choose a style that suits your tastes.

Shape matters

The shape you choose for your new knobs is also important. You will be opening your kitchen drawers and cabinets multiple times each day, so the knobs need to be functional as well as stylish. A square knob may be easier to grasp than a round one, for example. Some knobs and pulls have an indentation for easy opening when your hands are full.

In addition to traditional round or square shapes, there are whimsical and funky shapes as well. If your kitchen has a wine theme, you can choose drawer pulls shaped like grape leaves to accent the cabinets. Add an extra element of personality to your cabinets with unique hardware that is sure to bring a smile.

Finish it up

Once you have decided on a style and shape for your hardware, you still need to choose the finish for your knobs and pulls. A shiny chrome finish has a modern feel, while brushed nickel or pewter may bring a more traditional look to your kitchen. Black hardware can be modern in a glossy finish or traditional with a matte finish. Many hardware lines come in several different finishes to help you find exactly the look you want.

Awesome options

Here’s just a sample of the great options we found for updating those kitchen cabinets.

twisted t-shape drawer pull (

With a twist

This twisted t-shape drawer pull ($5 each) is shown here in a matte black finish that goes with many different cabinet styles. This pull is also available in weathered nickel or weathered iron finishes, and is part of the Rhapsody collection.

Dillon knob

Modern flair

The Dillon knob ($13-$15 each) has a great square shape with beveled edges, giving it a modern feel. Shown here in polished chrome, it is also available in three other popular finishes. It is available in two sizes.

aged bronze round cabinet knob

Bronze metal

This aged bronze round cabinet knob ($4 each) has unique details that make a statement on any type of cabinet. Bronze finishes are very popular in kitchens and bathrooms right now, and the shape of these knobs adds a bit of interest.

pewter cabinet pull

Unexpected touch

If you are looking for a whimsical touch in your hardware, this pewter cabinet pull ($4 each) has it. With a graceful curve and leaves anchoring each end, this pull may make you open your drawers more often.

Updating your drawer pulls and knobs is an easy upgrade with a big impact. With all of the various options available in kitchen cabinet hardware, you can’t go wrong.

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