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First lady Michelle Obama ignites nail trend

During this year’s Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama did much more than just spark a presidential campaign. Her gorgeous gray nail polish has caused a frenzy among trend-thirsty women across the country.

First lady fashion
Michelle Obama grey nails

It’s safe to say that Michelle Obama can do no wrong when it comes to first lady fashion. America watched as the first lady delivered her poignant speech in a stunning Tracy Reese dress.

Speaking with equal parts of grace and power, her expressive hand gestures brought attention to the unconventional slate gray color of her nails.

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Tuesday night’s fashion display once again proves that Michelle Obama doesn’t abide by the rules of typical first lady fashion, rather, she creates them. Wearing a color meant for the likes of trendy twenty-somethings and cosmopolitan business women, Michelle Obama not only breaks the mold, but she has inspired the women of America to do so as well.

Ever since Mrs. Obama first debuted the nail color, search hits for the nail polish skyrocketed. Salons and beauty stores were inundated with questions — what was she wearing and where could they get it? Scouring racks of nail polish, people wondered, was it O.P.I? Essie? Chanel? Lo and behold it was never any of those, rather it was the Artistic Nail Design Soak Off Colour in “Vogue.”

Get the look

Michelle Obama's trendy nails

TIP: Head to the salons for this polish! You won’t be able to find it at your local CVS.

Unfortunately for us, the nail polish is only available in nail salons. The $16 nail polish is a gel formula that needs a UV light source to cure. A trip to the salon is well worth it, considering the formula is long wearing and chip resistant, lasting for a whopping 21 days.

The cool gray color has been on the fashion grid since 2011, joining other neutral colors such as taupe and nude to create a subtle and sophisticated look. Michelle Obama’s exhibition of the color has propelled the color to the mainstream — perfect timing for the fall season!

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