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How to rock colored denim

Want to brighten up a murky fall? Colored denim is one of the few trends that is truly universal. It works on women of all ages and body types. Watch out: Red, plum, teal, emerald and cobalt are gorgeous for fall and you need to be ready!

Jessica Alba wearing colored denim

Colored denim is beginning to seem to be one trend that is here to stay — and we’re excited because it’s an easy look to do style affordably, for all shapes and body types.

Rock the look

“An easy way to rock this look is with a neutral colored top: Think nudes, blacks, and whites. This way, the pants can really be the stand-out in your ensemble,” suggests Natasha Fussell, an online stylist at Lonnys.

To add extra details to this type of outfit, a textured blouse in these tones will make it unique but still coordinating. Another simple tip is to colorblock your accessories with your denim. Patterns, however, are a little more tricky to work in, but as long as you stay within the same color scheme as your bottoms, you’ll match effortlessly.

Shake up some color

“It’s cool to color block this fall by using one jewel tone denim for your bottom and another jewel tone on top,” suggests Lizanne Crotty, Regional General Manager for Denim Habit. Stay away from monochromatic top and bottoms when dealing with bright colored denim. Monochromatic works for black and black or even burgundy on burgundy, but orange on orange or green on green is a no no. Another way to sport colored denim it to pair with printed tops.

Make denim your center

Try styling an outfit around the denim rather than the other way around. If you are going with bolder colors, select tops that are more neutral — cream, tan, black or white. A silk top or elegant top will dress the denim up for evening looks. For the workplace, you can pair colored denim with a simple sweater. And to go from day-to-evening try bold colors (even golds) with a simple tank paired with a boyfriend blazer or cropped jacket. Don’t mix too many colors and let the denim be the star of the outfit.

Be bold: Even if you are color shy

Start easy: Pick a color you adore, and pair it with a neutral top and a metallic shoe. Bolder types can pair two complementary or contrasting colors — just make sure the intensity of the colors work together. For example, a pale buttery shade of yellow looks washed out when paired with bold cobalt, but a bold, sunshine-y shade would be gorgeous with the same blue.

Watch: Colored denim at Fashion Week

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