Mane Event Mondays: How to hide and touch up your roots between highlights

We’re partnering up with some of the hair industry’s top talents to bring you answers to your most pressing hair questions. Up today? Justine Piecuch, a stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, is showing us how to hide and touch up our roots between highlights.

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Your question

For unnatural blondes, what are some of the best ways to hide roots and the best at-home touch up ideas between salon highlights?

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Justine’s answer!

Hiding roots is the question every blonde asks. There are a couple of ways to keep them at bay until you’re able to get in for the big appointment.

Think ahead

Before becoming a blonde, talk to your stylist about what you’re able to afford in terms of time and cost. This is important because being a blonde is the most expensive service and typically takes longer than any others.

Look at different options. Balayage, for example, will have the most natural effect. The hair is painted free hand, accentuating layers and other pieces of the cut. Foils will give a natural but less rooted effect and you can cover hair without getting rid of all the natural color.

Then, the most high maintenance option would be getting all the roots totally colored lighter than your natural hue, but in exchange for this effect, you’ll be at the salon all the time.

Hide roots easily

Blend the color by either glossing it or breaking the base. This helps to soften the look and blend everything together.

Maintain your color

Last but not least, always keep blonde hair well-nourished with weekly deep conditioning treatments after you shampoo. These products move deeper into the hair and have more longevity than regular conditioner. The hair will stay stronger, shinier and will be much easier to style. Your stylist can always recommend a product that will work best for you! For those who like all-natural options, there are some great recipes to mix up online.

The bottom line?

When it comes to touching up your own roots at home, unfortunately there’s nothing on the market that is similar to what we professionals use. The dyes can be harsh for the hair and if you’re not a trained professional, scary things can take place, resulting in orange roots, green ends, melted hair, patchy colors and way too dark hues.

The amount you end up paying and what you have to go through will be so expensive and frustrating. All in all, do some research on being a blonde and what it entails. Decide on a price point and look that goes well with your lifestyle!

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