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How your beverage is making a style statement

It all started with those paparazzi shots of celebrities getting their Starbucks fix. Now, it seems that your daily beverage can be your best accessory and speak volumes about your style. Beverage expert Anna Corini gave us some insight.

Woman with coffee shopping

With summer ending and September wrapped, a month of changing winds in fashion forecasting, we’re all breaking out our favorite pairs of boots and keeping our eyes open for new takes on the fall staples.

But what about the more indirect accessories and statements that we don’t realize we’re making? Anna Corini from Tata Global Beverages thinks that the beverage you’re sipping on says a lot about who you are and can be a fashion statement that you make on a daily basis.

“The cup you carry can add to your outfit,” she said. So consider her tips below for how your beverage can complement your ensemble. Here’s what Anna says and the style picks we recommend:

Plain coffee

Plain coffee fashion

“The most basic beverage: its drinker is probably low maintenance and on the go. This is the low-key look-comfy-jeans and a casual cotton top with a generic paper cup, but you don’t have to keep it so plain Jane. You can jazz up your outfit with a statement necklace or colorful scarf and glam up your coffee with a fun to-go mug.

Boldly flavored herbal tea

Boldly Flavored herbal tea fashion

“The drinker of a uniquely flavored tea is a little funky, a little adventurous. The colorful tag that accompanies a full-flavored blend like Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy is the perfect accessory for a vintage dress paired with big earrings and a boho knitted hat. The free spirit look with the nontraditional tag hanging out of the cup says you’re up for a little excitement.”


Frappuccino fashion

“Drinks that are complicated to order require great attention to detail so they go perfectly with a smartly accessorized outfit. From a pencil skirt with embellished tights and smoky eyes to a post-workout reward enjoyed while wearing coordinated gym clothes with pink accents like sports bras, a chic headband and cross-trainers, this is a drink for someone who knows what they want.”

Energy drinks

Energy drink fashion

“Often an accessory for a night out, the small cans are convenient because they can be held in the same hand as a glitzy clutch or wristlet. These are often also the accessory of the busy and in-demand lady who needs to be comfortable while on the move, so she carries her energy drink while walking on sexy peep toes with a big platform for added comfort.

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