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5 Makeover trends to simplify your life

With the shift in the economy, a new trend has hit America: simplicity. We all want to go back to a life of a simple time and a simple place. Learn how you can incorporate some simplicity trends into your life.

Woman relaxing in organized kitchen

Living with less

We live in a fast-paced world with things all around us. However, with changing times, families have learned to adjust to living with less. And ironically, we like it! Start to take small steps in your life: de-clutter your home, make vegetables in your garden and find new ways for recreation. As you make small steps, you may feel the conviction to do more. And perhaps, you’ll be happier with your new simple, fulfilled life.

Upgrading efficiency

Remember, living with less isn’t always about downsizing. Upgrading to an appliance or product that helps you do more can also help you live with less (and spend less, too!). We like Whirlpool’s energy-efficient appliances that have sensors to help you do more, faster, all with less energy.

A new kind of clean

The Official Pixingo blog has a great cleaning calendar to get you started for this month!

Cleaning your home can be one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks. To keep your home sparkling and looking new, adapt a new cleaning routine. Instead of doing all of your cleaning chores on one weekend day, spread them out during the week. Find a chart that you like in a Google search or make one yourself, designed to fit your needs. Lessening your load on the weekend will make you feel more accomplished and less stressed overall.


A large key to living a simple life is to do it yourself! Thanks to Pinterest and home decor blogs, the world of DIY is literally at your fingertips. See a pillow that you love at Pottery Barn? Instead of spending a fortune, make it yourself. Find a similar fabric and pattern at your local fabric store and sew away. Not only will you save money, but chances are that you will value the pillows made by hand much more than if you bought them. Seeing the fruits of your labor on your couch will give you the pride and confidence to do more.


Love Pottery Barn pillows? Here’s a great tutorial on a DIY version of the Jute Braid Pillow.


The Mayo Clinic has some great relaxation techniques for you to reduce stress.

A huge trend is learning how to relax. Slow down from the go-go lifestyle of a working woman, wife and mother, and take a moment to enjoy yourself. We know that life isn’t always about the big events, so find ways to relax in the sanctuary of your own home. Have a wine night with girlfriends or have a movie session with your husband. Learn to add relaxation in your day to avoid burnout and simplify your routine.

Organized woman

Organization is the key to simplification. If you want to lower your stress levels and simplify your life, start organizing your home and your office space. Though the task to organize your life may seem overwhelming now, the end product will provide huge results. No longer will you have to search for your pink blouse or the butterscotch chips for your favorite fall recipe — with a little bit of organization, you’ll be able to find your items in a dash.


Looking to organize your pantry? The House of Smiths has a complete blog post and tutorial on how they DIYed the messiest part of their home!

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