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6 Ways to unclutter your kitchen

Other than your closets, the kitchen is probably the quickest room in your house to get cluttered. De-clutter your kitchen and your mind with these tips for your family’s favorite space.

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Wall-hung storage

Have a lot of kitchen utensils but few drawers? Add a wall bracket and hang your most used utensils. Not only will it free up some space in the drawers, but it will also add a great modern twist on your kitchen decor. We suggest spray-painting the rod a funky color for extra appeal.

Corner shelves

Shelves usually get pegged as bedroom or living room decor, but they can be a great addition to the kitchen as well. Corner shelves are awesome to stack coffee cups, place candles or knickknacks on, or even store utensils.


Make your own corner shelves by cutting a piece of wood into a triangle shape to fit the corners of your kitchen.

Roll-out shelves

If your counter space is filled with clutter, hide some of it! Create a hideaway coffee area with a roll-out shelf tucked away in a cabinet. Store the pot, grinder, sugar and creamer in one simple, accessible space.

For more ideas on shelf conversion, check out this organization blog >>

Dish rack

A dish rack can be used for both drying and storing your dishes. Place a dish rack in a visible place, such as a shelf above the microwave or inside a cupboard. Neatly stack plates or pans in the rack for unique kitchen decor and a major space saver. For a more appealing look, choose a steel dish rack.

Magnetic strip

Counter and cupboard space can be tight in a small home or with a big family. Adding magnetic strips below hanging cupboards or shelves can help add some storage. Hang jars with metal lids to store spices, knickknacks or other miscellaneous snacks and kitchen items. Baby food jars work perfectly with the magnetic strip.

Tension rods

Tension rods are an awesome and inexpensive space saver. Hang one in the kitchen window to drape towels, or hang S hooks from them to store various kitchen utensils. You can also put tension rods inside cabinets to organize pans, cutting boards and more.

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