Quick decor changes for fall

Decorating for fall need not be time consuming or expensive. We snagged tips from some of our favorite home decorators and bloggers about easy ways to incorporate a few fall elements into your decor.

Scissors and Spatulas -- shelf decorated for Fall

Fall is quickly becoming a favorite holiday among decorating enthusiasts. With the gorgeous colors found in nature serving as inspiration, home decorators are giving Christmas a run for its money by showing what a beautiful season fall can be. “I absolutely love decorating for fall. Christmas is my favorite, but fall is so much easier,” says Jen McAliley of Scissors and Spatulas.

Luckily, we got the scoop on easy ways to make quick and easy changes to your home’s decor for fall.

Natural, neutral and simple

With a decorating mantra of “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” The Nester is a go-to resource for getting everyday decorating inspiration. She says, “Autumn is such a beautiful season, and I think it’s the easiest season to incorporate into our home.” The Nester has of course experimented with various decorating techniques throughout the years (some more successful than others). Here are the three lessons she learned about decorating for fall:

Fall decor from The Nester

1. Keep it natural

Real pumpkins, gourds, sticks, a vase with those nonpoisonous berries from the yard. Last year I found some beautiful weeds in our backyard — a few weeks later a friend mentioned she thought it might be ragweed. Whoops! It’s a good idea to double check things but, even with the ragweed, none of us got sick — and shh, it was beautiful! But I won’t be bringing that in our home again. The point remains, when you have the option of real or plastic, always choose real.

2. Keep it neutral

I have a small basket of a few fall decorating prompts — a string of wooden beads for the fireplace, a nubby table runner and a few dried gourds. I’ve had that stuff forever, and even though our walls have changed colors over the years, I can still work in the handful of fall items I keep because they are neutral. Then, I fill in with whatever color natural pumpkins, fresh, warty gourds and mums I happen to fall in love with at the farmers market.

3. Keep it simple

Gone are the days where we need to feel like our only fall decorating option is bin after bin of store-bought “fall decor.” Fall is more about a feeling than a jack-o-lantern. I make sure we have fresh blankets or quilts, hot chocolate — OK, so sometimes we use the packets — and cozy places around the house beckoning us to sit and snuggle.

Dear Lillie -- Room decorated for Fall

Au naturel

The Nester isn’t the only one who prefers to let natural autumn accents be the star for fall. Jenni Holmes of Dear Lillie chooses to bring the outdoors in every year. Doing so is easy. “For quick decor changes, you can just pop right outside and clip off a few branches or collect some acorns or pine cones,” Holmes explains. Branches that have colorful fall leaves still on them are a bonus, but even bare branches can look sculptural.

When decorating with natural elements, it’s best to keep the rest of the decor clean and simple. “Fall is so easy because it’s all natural!” says McAliley. “I pretty much put away most of my knickknacks and replace them with fall foliage, twigs, pinecones, pumpkins and gourds, and acorns.” Using glass vases and bowls can show off a collection of acorns or pinecones.

Fall for fabrics

Bringing in burlap is not only a quick way to update decor for fall, it’s one of the most affordable textiles to buy. Take a cue from Debbie Peavy of Confessions of a Plate Addict and use a burlap table runner for a rustic holiday table setting. Feeling crafty? Try making an easy DIY burlap wreath to hang on your front door.

Table runner and wreath

Patterned fabrics are a huge decorating trend this year, with menswear-inspired textiles in particular getting lots of attention this fall. Jennifer Hadfield of Tatertots & Jello says that fabric like houndstooth, tweed and herringbone will be a big trend for fall. For an example of how trendy fabrics can be reinterpreted as fall decor, check out her fabulous fall houndstooth pumpkin wreath.

White glazed pumpkinDesigner pumpkins

A simple collection of pumpkins can make a bold statement when grouped together, particularly if you find ones in interesting colors. “If you gather not-quite-ripe pumpkins, they are green and off-white and look beautiful on a mantel,” explains Hadfield.

For those wanting to let their pumpkins shine with a creative design, consider an alternative approach to the traditional pumpkin carving. Decoupaging pumpkins has been growing in popularity and is a creative way to give your decor a customized look.

Tip: Not looking to get your hands dirty? Pick up a ceramic pumpkin that already has a design.
Decoupaging pumpkins

Stylish and chic

For fall decor that’s not quite so literal, consider incorporating just a few small, stylish accessories to update your space for the season. “Covering hardcover books with beautiful printed or decorative patterned paper is a great way to display books and incorporate a decorative element into your fall decor at the same time,” says professional stager and former Design Star contestant Cathy Hobbs.

According to Hobbs, one of the hottest color combinations for fall right now is eggplant and orange. “While I think the color combination is ‘seasonless,’ it really is a wonderful color palette for the fall,” she says. “The shade of eggplant or aubergine can either be rich and deep or lighter, such as an amethyst, and as for the orange, one can pair either a burnt orange or rich pumpkin.”

For an unexpected take on a classic fall color palette, Hadfield says a fun idea is to “incorporate a bright pop of color along with the natural colors of fall. A bright yellow or turquoise vase looks amazing along with the oranges and browns of fall.”

Whether you deck out the house with traditional fall decor or take a more subtle approach to giving your home some autumn flair, one thing is certain. It’s time to start falling into fall.

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