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Shop for the cause: Radiant Cosmetics

Human trafficking has become a growing trend in many countries, and even occurs on our own soil. But you can do something to help stop it.

Radiant Cosmetics eyeliner

Enter Radiant Cosmetics; a cosmetics brand that raises human trafficking awareness and funds through their lush cosmetics. Don’t just buy a lipstick; help save a life.

Behind the gloss

Radiant Cosmetics’ founder Nicole Marett is no stranger to makeup. Her love affair with cosmetics eventually led her to New York City, where she worked for a major fashion house on Fifth Avenue. But even as she realized her dream, in the midst of success, something was missing — Marett wanted to do something more.

After college she traveled the globe and did mission work; when she lived in Thailand, she got to know a woman who had become a prostitute. This friendship stirred Marett’s desire to help her, and others like her.

She started Radiant Cosmetics to partner with organizations that work to halt human trafficking internationally, as well as involve people here in the United States. The cosmetics industry is hugely profitable, and she thought she might be able to turn some of those profits toward helping save those at risk.

Marett’s goal is to set human trafficking captives free, one lipstick at a time. You can give back to the fight against human trafficking by purchasing products from Radiant Cosmetics.

Radiant Cosmetics lipstick
Radiant Cosmetics eyeshadow
Radiant Cosmetics blush

Radiant Cosmetics’ fight against human trafficking

Redemed, an anti-trafficking organization based in Austin, TX, partners with Radiant Cosmetics in the fight against human trafficking. When you buy a bright, moisturizing lipstick, smooth gel eyeliner or shiny gloss from Radiant Cosmetics, 20 percent of the purchase is donated to the Redeemed and Radiant Cosmetics partnership. Redeemed is an all volunteer faith-based non profit incorporated in the state of Texas. Their mission is to give liberation to those affected, threatened or exploited by human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a fast-growing criminal industry and promotes the enslavement, control and exploitation of people, mainly women. Learn more about it — and how you can help stop it — on Radiant Cosmetic page raising awareness about human trafficking.

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