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Learn how to sale surf like a pro

Sale! Is there any other word in the English language more enticing than that? For me, probably not. I find comfort and clear-headedness in sale surfing. Others are overwhelmed by packed racks and red tags, but there are ways to make the process work for you and find great looks… for less!

Happy woman shopping

Get down and dirty

When shopping in the brick and mortars (yes, people, they do still exist!), be prepared to get down and dirty. I am talking ponytail, flats and a protein bar in your purse to keep your energy up. Serious shopping like this is not to be taken lightly, but can often be where you’ll find your biggest scores. Places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and outlet malls are where I’ve found my most coveted items, but you have to be willing to make the effort and dig through the racks.

Know your shopping style

I love shopping with friends and bonding over great finds and lattes, but when I really want to focus on the clothes, I prefer shopping alone. I do best without other people’s opinions clouding my own judgment. Others may prefer getting a second opinion from their friends and fashion influencers. Find what works best for you!

Check return policies

It used to be so easy: Buy an item, and return it if you don’t like it. Now there are so many addendums to the rule that I can’t even begin to list them all. Just a couple of weeks ago, I purchased a pair of jeans from a flash sale site. I thought I could return them, but when I decided to go for a refund (they were low-rise, need I say more?), I was disappointed to learn I would only receive a credit and not cash back. Bummer! Important lesson though — check the fine print!

Sometimes things are on sale for a reason!

If you are trying something on and you want to love it, but it’s just not working, let it go. Sometimes things are on sale for a reason! If it isn’t working for you, maybe it didn’t work for others either. The proportions could be off, the construction shoddy or maybe it’s just too trendy. Whatever the reason, don’t force yourself into buying something you don’t love.

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