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How to make a ribbon pinboard

A ribbon pinboard is a fantastic addition to any girl’s dorm room. It’s a functional way to display pictures and notes while adding a bit of chic flair to the room. Here’s the how-to on making a ribbon pinboard for your college student.

Colorful ribbons

What you’ll need:

  • corkboard
  • batting
  • fabric
  • ribbon
  • safety pins
  • stapler
  • furniture tacks

Step 1: Cut batting and fabric

Place the fabric, then the batting face-down on a flat surface. Then place the corkboard face-down onto the batting. Cut the batting and fabric, leaving enough material to partially cover the back of the board. It helps to affix the batting onto the board so it won’t slip around. Make sure to use durable fabric and pick a fun print or bright color so that it livens up the room.

Step 2: Staple and secure

With the fabric and batting wrapped tightly around the board, staple the fabric and batting to the back of the board and trim off the excess. When doing this, it will be easier to wrap the ribbon straight from the roll instead of pre-cutting the ribbon pieces.

Step 3: Ribbon the board

Starting from one corner of the board, wrap the ribbon around the board in your pattern of choice. Use safety pins to hold the ribbon in place and once finished, staple the excess ribbon to the back of the board. Take out the safety pins and replace them with furniture tacks to hold the ribbon in place. Furniture tacks come in many different designs, so it might be fun to mix and match the tacks to create a pattern.

Place pictures and other keepsakes through the ribbon — and there you have instant dorm room decor!

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