Nail designs: How to sport neon nail tips

If you love the neon trend but don’t want to take the risk, Katie Cazorla from TV Guide’s Nail Files demonstrated a neon manicure that is much more subtle. It packs a punch without going sour.

How to do a subtle neon nail design

Did we mention that Katie serves wine and cocktails with her mani and pedi services at The Painted Nail? So now you know: She knows what’s up. Her salon is a favorite to many of Hollywood’s female stars and we can’t get enough of this adorable manicure. Watch the tutorial to recreate it at home.


Step 1: Apply a basecoat

Step 2: Polish your natural white tips in short strokes

Step 3: Clean up by pushing the color forward with an art brush

Step 4: Add a thin glitter coat

Step 5: Seal in your nail design with a top coat

“A lot of people want to try neon nails but don’t want it to be crazy bright and they are afraid to go bold. Doing a French is a more subtle way to go into the whole neon [nail trend].”

Once you decide to take a chance and give this new neon manicure a try, it’s easy to overlook the base coat… especially when you’re in a hurry to finish your at-home mani. Katie says not to leave out the basecoat because it helps fill in the bridges and gaps you might not see and prevents the polish color from staining your nails.

After you’ve chosen your colors, don’t worry about painting perfectly. It’s better to get the color set, and then go back before the polish dries all the way and shape your paint with a separate brush.

Choose a fast drying top coat for at-home manicures and re-apply a few days in to refresh the paint job and make it look new.

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