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Heidi Klum exclusive: Her new clothing line

Supermodel, Project Runway superstar… and now, children’s fashion designer! We sit down with the gorgeous star (yes, she really is that gorgeous) to discuss her new line with Babies”R”Us, her current favorite designer and the one rule her kids must obey.

Heidi Klums new clothing line

As we walked into the Toys”R”Us megastore in the middle of New York City’s Times Square, we couldn’t help but simply stare at Heidi — she looked like a true goddess in her Dolce & Gabbana skirt and fitted black bodice. Not only did she look stunning, but her sweet laugh and lively personality lightened up the entire room, which made us that much more excited to talk to her about her new line, Truly Scrumptious.

Read on to learn what it’s really like to walk in Heidi Klum’s “designer” heels.

SheKnows: Can you tell us a bit about how you came up with the design concept?

Klum: I worked with an artist on many of the prints, so a lot of them have that watercolor feel to them. I designed three different collections: BoHo (for when the mom shops for her taste, as well as her child’s), dinosaurs (for the mom with the boy [or girl] in her life and butterflies (for the mom that wants to get very girly).

SheKnows: Do you have any touches of your personal style in the collection?

Klum: Normally, I would have a more modern style — but with the kids’ line, I almost went back in time with a very romantic style.

Heidi Klums new clothing line
Heidi Klums new clothing line
Heidi Klums new clothing line

SheKnows: Did you incorporate any runway trends into the collection?

Klum: Yes! For example, for the boys’ dinosaur collection, I mixed patterns and prints, like polka dots mixed with stripes, because I saw that a lot in the fashion world. I wanted to incorporate that for the children.

SheKnows: Will your kids be using and wearing these items?

Klum: Of course! They’d better! My kids love jogging suits, so I wanted to create options for them but more stylish.

SheKnows: Do you wear comfortable, jogging-inspired clothes when you’re taking care of your kids?

Klum: I do, I do, but they have to be cool. My number one rule for my kids is — be cool. Rule number two — don’t forget rule number one.

SheKnows: OK, now a little onto your style. What designer do you love right now?

Klum: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row! That’s what my top is! They are so talented and have great taste. I know from Michael Kors that when he goes to Italy to look at fabrics, he always sees them — they are very hands on.

Truly Scrumptious hits stores Sept. 15.

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