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5 Must-have mood boosters

Pick yourself up with five of our favorite mood boosters the next time a bad day begins to take hold.

Happy woman in the sun



A little time spent in the sun is one of the fastest ways to an improved mood, and there’s some science behind it. Sunshine helps to increase serotonin, an important mood boosting chemical in the brain. Spend 15 minutes outside, clear your head and enjoy the rays. Just remember to wear sunscreen!


Your greatest hits

Turn on your favorite songs and listen to the music that moves you for an improved mood. It’s nearly impossible to feel down when you’re singing at the top of your lungs. Our recommendation: leave the sad break-up songs at home. Instead, crank up the most upbeat favorites you can find. Enjoy the song, enjoy the moment and get back to enjoying the day.


A calming scent

Try aromatherapy for a total mood boost. A fragrant candle or diffuser with a calming scent like citrus or lavender will help to calm the air — literally. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try to let your tension and anxiety go so you can move forward without stress.


A little pick-me-up

Sometimes you just need to take care of you by treating yourself to an indulgence. This can be done without totally destroying your diet! Avoid super-sugary snacks and sodas, and opt for a non-fat blended coffee drink. Or go with something light and fruity like a Starbucks Refresher or raspberry iced-tea. Have a side of walnuts for added mood boosting benefits. They’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are shown to make people less prone to depression.


Photos of family and friends

Can you think of anything better than a smiling baby photo to lift your spirits and improve your day? Have a few pictures close by at all times that are guaranteed to make you happy. Save them on your phone, hang them on your wall and make them readily available so you can sneak a peek when the day takes a difficult turn. They don’t have to be of people, either. Maybe your picture picker-uppers are of some of your favorite places or of your pet. It doesn’t matter what it is — it just needs to make you happy.

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