6 Easy ways to jump-start your day

Some people wake up before the roosters, but not everyone rises with the sun to usher in a new day with ease. If you’re not a morning person, try our six-step plan to jump-starting the day.

Rise and shine!
Woman hitting the snooze


Just say no to the snooze button

By giving up the snooze button, you will give yourself enough time to get up and get ready without feeling rushed and frantic for the rest of the day. If you have a serious snooze addiction, try putting your alarm clock out of reach, so you have to get up to turn it off in the morning. The extra 15 minutes of awake time may be just what you need to adjust to actually being awake and feeling prepared for the day.



Stretching your entire body when you wake up is a healthy way to jump-start your day. It only requires a few moments and a little bit of space, and it will help to wake up tired muscles, increase circulation and improve flexibility. It couldn’t be easier to work this into your morning routine. When you get out of bed, reach your arms overhead and try to touch the ceiling. Stretch your body from the soles of your feet to the tips of your fingertips, hold for a moment or two and then start your day!


Work in a workout

Not only will a morning workout give you a nice, natural energy boost in the morning, but it will also jump start your metabolism. Don’t let not being a morning person stop you from giving this a try. Set an achievable goal, like going through three reps of your favorite circuit routine, a 20 minute jog or even a 25 minute bike ride. Start small and reap the benefits.


Have a healthy breakfast

Sure, your mom has told you this so many times that it has lost all meaning. This time, though, she was actually serving up some really good advice. Not only does a healthy breakfast give you the energy to start the day, but it is also linked to benefits like increased concentration and weight control. Plus, a healthy breakfast contributes to a diet that is nutritionally sound, so ditch the doughnuts. Instead, try an omelet with spinach or a bowl of energy-boosting oatmeal.


Focus on the positive

Before you join the outside world for the day, take a moment to look inside yourself and acknowledge all of the good things in your life. By taking a quick inventory of what you’re thankful for, things you are excited about and goals that you are working to achieve, you will set the stage for a positive and productive day.


Make a morning pitstop

Trade in multiple cups of so-so coffee for one cup that you’ll really savor. Instead of chugging countless cups of coffee at the office, treat yourself to a skinny cappuccino or Starbucks Refresher. If you pick up something you’ll enjoy, you may not be as likely to overdo it and over-caffeinate in the break room.

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