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Best energy-boosting fitness routines

Exercise is a natural and effective way to boost energy, and the key to maintaining higher energy levels through exercise is to find fitness routines that you enjoy and will put into practice on a regular basis.

Boost your energy with exercise
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Here are a few of our favorite ways to blast fat and fight fatigue.

Burst training workouts

Short-burst interval training involves alternating high-intensity exercises with brief periods of lower-intensity workouts. Burst training workouts boost energy, build endurance and burn fat. Another bonus: they typically only take 25 minutes. And you can work bursting into many types of aerobic exercise that you already enjoy — just make sure you are pushing yourself to the limit. Here are a few short-burst exercises to get you started.

  • Try sprinting for 60 seconds, walking for two minutes and repeating.
  • Jump rope as fast as you possibly can for 30 to 45 seconds, and then take one minute to recover before doing it all over again.
  • Need a quick bursting routine for the office? Try 45 seconds of mountain climbers followed by one minute of walking. Repeat that burst/rest set five times.

Low intensity and high energy

Low intensity fitness routines are ideal for boosting energy. Along with being lots of fun and refreshing, swimming is an excellent way to reap all of the benefits of aerobic exercise without being too hard on your joints. Get started by enrolling in a water aerobics class or swimming a few laps. Tai chi also consists of low impact exercise, as it focuses on gentle stretching and slow, controlled movements. The stretching involved in tai chi will help to increase energy levels, as well as focus on improving balance and reducing stress.

Boxing workouts

This is the absolute opposite of low intensity — boxing will jumpstart your energy levels… and then some. Boxing workouts are typically centered on boxing rounds that rotate between heavy bag punches and cardio. The intensity of boxing workouts may cause you to feel tired at first, but the long-term effects are decreased tension and energy that will last.

Circuit training workouts

Circuit training is a versatile and fun way to exercise, regardless of your ability level. Workouts consist of a combination of cardio and strength training exercises and can be done with or without equipment. Try combining squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and lunges for a simple introduction into the circuit style. Just one round will rev your energy. Repeat your circuit several times for maximum calorie blasting benefits.

Remember that it’s important to check with your doctor before you begin any new exercise program.

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