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Incorporate summer colors into your fall wardrobe

Mixing and matching summer and fall colors creates stunning fashion combinations.

Incorporating your summer wardrobe into fall outfits is easy if you think outside the box and don’t let the fashionistas dominate your closet. Summer clothing colors range from stark white to soft pastels and bright primary colors, all of which can simply be retooled into a smashing array of outfits for the fall. Before you start packing up tank tops, brightly colored pants and flowing skirts and dresses, visualize them transformed into clothing combinations that are sure to turn heads as you stroll through the fallen leaves on a crisp autumn day. To keep your energy high as you revamp your wardrobe, match your new wardrobe favorites to similarly energizing drinks to keep those creative juices flowing freely.

The power of pastels

Pale pink, blue, yellow and green apparel are perfect summer wear and are easily transformed into chic fall outfits with earthy tones and richly textured fabrics. Try the following color combos to make pastels transition to fall:

  • Layer pastel pink with deep burgundy, moss green, charcoal gray and black.
  • Pair pale blue clothing with navy blue, rich purple, black and warm earth tones such as cinnamon, chocolate brown and eggnog.
  • Pale yellow is a natural companion to many hues of brown, pumpkin and creamy winter white.
  • Top off a pale green shirt with a bulky, beige V-neck sweater and add a textured leather belt or faux suede scarf to give the outfit autumn appeal.
  • Tone down a summer floral with knee-high black or brown leather boots.

Our all-time favorite look? Burgundy skinny jeans paired with a pastel pink blouse and served cold with an energizing boost of sparkling Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate drink.

Primary power

Fabrics with large panels of bright blocked colors dominated many summer fashions. For fall, mix and match color blocked apparel with white collared shirts and add a long necklace made from a combination of neutral and gold-tone beads. Drape a long brown or black cardigan over a vibrant red, blue or yellow shirt or dress to tone the colors down for fall. Use brilliantly colored summer camisoles as backdrops under shirts and sweaters.

Take your cue from this killer ensemble by toning down a bright yellow top with slacks and a cropped jacket in rich shades of brown. Stay energized with a dark and creamy cafe mocha.

Beautiful bottoms

Summer pants in lively shades of red, orange, blue, green and yellow look less summery when you belt them with woven leather sashes and top them with knit sweaters in fall shades such as gun metal gray, oak brown and rich tweed. Gauzy skirts look less airy when you wear a cropped cardigan sweater on top and cover your legs with black or brown tights.

For a bold fashion statement, wear thigh-high leather boots with your favorite tangerine-colored skirt, a simple white tank and a multi-colored scarf in fall colors to pull the look together. Energize yourself before heading out the door with a Starbucks Refreshers in color-matched Orange Melon.

Bracelets and baubles

Your favorite jewelry and accessories are easily incorporated into your fall wardrobe by using them as contrasting accents. Pastel and vividly colored bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings lighten up dark ensembles and make them stand out. We especially love using summer’s favorite mint green accessories to brighten up the browns, grays and navy of fall. Try subbing mint green pumps for your usual workplace nudes and throw on your favorite summer bangles with a modest black shirtdress. You’ll look classy, fresh and effortless… which is exactly why you should reward yourself with Starbucks Refreshers Cool Lime beverage.

Revamping your summer apparel for fall is challenging, fun and saves you money. When spring rolls around again, you can shop for a new wardrobe guilt-free since you’ve double-dutied your summer collection!

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