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How to wear your favorite bright colors in fall fashion

As the days get shorter and the sun wanes, darker and earthier tones dominate fall fashion previews, but you can easily incorporate brightly colored clothes and accessories to keep your autumn wardrobe upbeat and eye-catching.

How to wear brights this fall
Fall fashions

One of the best aspects of summer fashion is the bright colors. Vibrant primary colors reflect the sunlight and give you an extra boost of energy. Don’t pack away your bright colors in the fall! Incorporate them into your fall fashions.

Top contenders

Floral print shirts in light, airy fabrics and cool, breathable tees in brilliant, bold hues are summer wardrobe staples. You can wear them all through the fall season by pairing them with more subtle colors and rich textures. Layer the flowery shirts with brown and black pullovers. Sleeveless shirts with defined colors look great under V-neck sweaters or as layers beneath buttoned-up cardigans. Layer intensely colored T-shirts underneath leather jackets and tie the look together with chunky necklaces and wide, banded bracelets.

Below the belt

Don’t relegate all those brilliantly colored jeans, pants and skirts to storage just because summer is over. Tone them down with a skinny or super-wide leather belt in soft brown shades and a neutral colored cardigan. Cover your legs with opaque black tights to transform brightly colored skirts into fall wear. Replace strappy summer sandals with patterned flats or lace-up booties, and your boldly colored pants and jeans become perfect wear for fall.

Playing dress-up

Light and airy summer dresses in intense colors add intrigue to fall outfits when contrasted with dark or neutral colors. Wear a long-sleeved black knit top underneath a sleeveless floral print and add a touch of warmth with a light knit scarf tied around your waist or hips. Add a new dimension to color-blocked dresses with a black or forest green blazer. Dressy evening frocks can be worn in fall with the addition of a long, flowing jacket and a few strands of dazzling beads.

Bells and whistles

A few well-chosen accessories turn bright summer apparel into audacious autumn outfits. Experiment with clutches, shoulder bags, whimsical hats, flowing scarves, oversized brooches and bracelets lined up from your wrist to your elbow. Buy a bunch of accessories from a store that happily accepts returns. Spend an afternoon mixing and matching different looks to create combinations that reflect your unique personality.

Fall is full of colors. From summer leaves changing from gorgeous green to yellow, orange and red in a matter of weeks to the lemon-colored fall chrysanthemums blooming into winter, autumn colors are as breathtaking as those of spring and summer. Let your fall attire reflect the colors you embraced in summer along with the rich hues of the changing season. When your new wardrobe plan is complete, sit down and relax with a Starbucks Refreshers beverage to give you the energy to rearrange your closet for fall.

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What summer color is the hardest to incorporate into fall outfits? Let us know and get some great advice from readers.

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