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Transition your skin care from summer into fall

When the weather changes, you need to make changes in your wardrobe, and in your beauty routine too. Don’t forget to include changing your skin care procedure as the seasons change, as its needs are quite different during the fall.

Alter your routine each season
Fall woman

As the summer slowly slips into fall, you gear up for a whole new routine. Your wardrobe has to be adapted for the cooler weather, hearty soups and stews replace fresh dinner salads and thoughts of upcoming holidays increase. For beautiful skin year-round, alter your routine each season.

Cleansing changes

Since you perspire more in the summer and are outdoors more, your skin needs deeper cleansing to keep oiliness in check. Antibacterial soaps and those laden with fragrance work well to keep your complexion clear and beautiful when it’s hot outside, but are too harsh to use during the fall and winter. When your skin feels tender and slightly irritated, switch to a gentler soap or a soap-free cleanser. Cut down the number of times you wash your face in the fall to avoid excessive dryness. Use a delicate touch in face washing and pat your face dry with a soft towel instead of harshly rubbing it.

Moisturizing methods

The cool weather of fall dries out skin much more quickly than summer heat. Light moisturizers are good for spring and summer but in the fall, switch to a heavier solution to avoid dry patches and blemish outbreaks. Use the thicker moisturizer twice a day: right before you go to bed and during your morning routine. If you notice scaly areas, increase the moisturizer application to three times a day or switch to a cream that is richer in emollients.

Freshen up

Summer is rough on the skin. Between sunburns and the effects of chlorine or salt water, your skin becomes dull and lackluster. Exfoliating gets rid of the old and dead skin cells, brings your complexion back to a healthy glow and makes it more amenable to the absorption of creams and lotions. Avoid exfoliators with large crystals or chunks, as they are too abrasive. Use products with the tiniest beads possible to successfully exfoliate without destroying the surface of your skin.

Protection practices

After you’ve eradicated the summer damage from your skin, keep it lovely through fall and winter with UV protection. Although you can’t see the sun as brightly during autumn and winter, the rays are still there behind the overcast clouds and just as damaging as they are in summer. Use sunscreen or a sunscreen-fortified foundation to protect your skin year-round to prevent premature aging, unsightly lines, wrinkles and skin cancer.

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What summer to fall skin care tips work best for you? Tell us your tips to have lovely skin for all seasons.

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