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All-natural ways to boost your energy

Skip the caffeine, sugary snacks and other artificial boosters. The next time you feel tired and groggy, try these natural energy boosters to restore your vim and vigor.

Get your energy naturally
Drink water

No matter how much sleep you get or how healthy your diet, some days catch you off guard and your energy levels are depleted long before your tasks are completed. Instead of reaching for a caffeine-based beverage or a quick snack that gives you a short-lived energy boost, try natural solutions that are better for you and last longer.

Have a drink

Water is the best way to keep your energy levels high, as it is the best defense against dehydration, the cause of most midday fatigue. Drinking water throughout the day keeps your blood volume high, which means the rest of your body doesn’t have to work overtime to keep alert. Proper hydration also prevents short-term memory loss, lightheadedness and confusion. If you like a bit more pizzazz on your palate, drink Starbucks Refreshers — fruit-infused revitalizing beverages available carbonated in cans or instant mixes that turn into energizing beverages when mixed with water.

Apple energy

Eating an apple a day not only improves your overall health, but the practice also staves off mental fatigue. Its natural sugar and complex carbs give you an instant energy boost and stabilize blood sugar, so instead of energy spikes, your energy stays high and steady. Keep a bowl of green, red and yellow apples on hand to add variety to your diet.

Position yourself

Sitting in front of a desk or computer all day saps energy because the position constricts your blood vessels and fills you with a sense of tiredness. Every 30 minutes or so, stand up and walk around for a few minutes to feel instant energy and increase your productivity when you resume work. Sit in a natural upright position — not too stiff — and avoid leaning forward. When you lean in to your computer monitor, the arteries that deliver blood to your brain are constricted and can’t do their job. Giving them a clear path keeps your brain activity high and acute.

Breathing lessons

Learning to breathe rhythmically increases your energy levels. Sit on a straight-back chair and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply to a count of six, wait for a count of three and exhale to a count of six, pausing again for a three-count. Repeat the exercise two or three times during the day and you’ll be amazed at how energized you feel.

Eye exercise

When you stare at a book, monitor or TV screen without blinking, your brain becomes mesmerized and overworked, resulting in fatigue. Make a conscious effort to blink 10 to 20 times a minute and you’ll comprehend material better and feel physically more alert.

Feeling energetic not only lets you accomplish more, it also gives you a more positive outlook on life. Try these natural techniques and marvel at how energized you feel from morning to evening.

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