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13 Body-slimming tricks

Sophia Banks-Coloma

Women always say they’re going to start a new workout routine… tomorrow. But what happens when you need to look your best today? Sometimes it’s best to embrace the body you have and just give it an extra boost with clothing.

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Stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma shares her top 13 body-slimming tricks!


Most importantly, buy clothes that fit. Clothing that is too tight will hug your body and show every bump, while clothes that are too big will only make you look larger. If something does not quite fit, spend a little extra money to have it altered. A good tailor can make you look like a million bucks.


Wear dark colors over the most unflattering areas of your body. If you’ve got killer legs, but want to slim your upper body, slip into a bright bold pant and pair it with a darker top.


Boxy shapes are your biggest enemy. Instead of lengthening your body vertically, which is super slimming, boxy shapes create horizontal lines that cut up and shorten your body. So avoid crop tops and go for tops that hit right around your hips.

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Tip: Buy clothes that fit

Tip: Highlight
your assets

Jeans are essential to every wardrobe. And as trendy as skinny jeans may be, they aren’t always the most slimming. There is nothing more flattering than a slight boot cut jean, in a dark wash with a midrise — no muffin tops please! If you love the skinny cut jeans and are not a size eight, then go for a straight skinny — it will taper to the leg but won’t be skin tight. And again, keep them in a dark wash for a super flattering look.


Highlight your assets. If you have a great hourglass figure, show it off with a dress nipped in at your waist. Or if you’ve got legs for days, highlight them with a bold pair of jeans that lengthen them even more!


Love your shape wear! Seriously, shape wear is a remarkable way to shave off weight instantly. I recommend the Spanx shorts or Spanx full body — they smooth your body out and will make your outfit look that much more amazing! Ooh La La!


Long necklaces are another trick to draw attention to the center of your body — your slimmest point — and away from your hips. Always a plus!


Heels are wonderful because they will give you better posture and a little extra height. But the best trick is nude pumps. They’ll make you look slimmer and taller instantly! Think of nude pumps as an extension of your leg, as opposed to other pumps that visually cut your foot off and shorten your leg.


On that note, avoid ankle straps on your shoes — they’ll just cut up your leg, making you look shorter than you are. Remember, lengthening your body is the quickest way to slim your shape!


Pull your hair up and off your face. This draws attention away from your body and up to your beautiful face!


Tip: Wear a long necklace

Tip: Opt for a
wider belt

Generally avoid heavy, bulky fabrics. They’ll just add visual weight, while choosing fabrics like jersey, cashmere and cotton will actually have a slimming effect.


If you’re wearing a belt with your dress, a great way to add shape to your look, opt for a wider one. A wider belt will lengthen out that part of your body making you appear taller and thinner!


Finally, my go-to outfit for a super slimming effect is a bold blazer with dark wash jeans. The fitted lines of a blazer are great for lengthening and slimming, while also being really fashionable. Under the blazer, wear a silk shirt with a loose V-neck and some killer heels and you’re set!

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