All wrapped up: A review of Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door spa

In between work, running errands and figuring out what to make for dinner, I stop in for an afternoon at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa to try out their newest body wrap, set to debut this fall! Was 60 minutes enough to melt away the stress of my hectic day?

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

What’s the number one reason women go to the spa? To relax, right? Sometimes it’s important to take a little time to pamper yourself and restore your well-being. But when you’re spending your hard-earned money and setting aside your valuable time, it’s important to get a service you’re completely satisfied with. So how does the new remineralizing body wrap measure up? Here we go!

The info

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

The verdict

The treatment: The remineralizing body wrap is Red Door’s newest item on their menu of services. “The remineralizing body wrap is unique because its primary purpose is not to slim, but rather relax and rejuvenate the body,” says Red Door Spa’s Director of Products and Services, Amanda Anderson. It is meant to restore balance to the cells and is an effective way of warding off fatigue and illness. Not to mention it exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth!

The atmosphere: Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door spa at the Biltmore Fashion Park is crisp, clean and no-fuss but still maintains a feeling of sophistication and romance. Honestly, I was surprised to find such a gem of a spa hidden in an upscale strip mall-like setting. After running errands, going shopping or stopping for dinner, you can walk right into the big red door and instantly be transported into a world of luxury and pampering. This transition isn’t always an easy one to make, but Red Door pulls it off flawlessly.

The highlights: I loved the products used in this body wrap! The scents of essential oils such as ylang-ylang, sage, sandalwood, basil, pine and lavender all began to come out once warmed up on my skin, melting my worries away. Phytomer’s marine-based exfoliants and moisturizers are also used in this wrap, and I definitely fell in love with them! An added bonus? The 15-minute scalp massage!

Would I do it again? If you’re feeling stressed or run down (and who isn’t?), then this wrap is for you! I love Red Door spa because they’re always expanding and innovating, introducing new quality beauty treatments to us. So even if you’re looking for a body wrap, massage, facial or even a wax or makeup lesson, Red Door will have a service that’s just right for you!

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