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5 Essentials for the 5-minute face

Your morning beauty routine shouldn’t take long at all. With just a few essential products, you can create a flawless face in under five minutes.

Woman applying lip gloss


Need to hide under-eye circles or a blemish that just popped up? It only takes about 30 seconds to apply concealer. You can use concealer before or after your foundation — experts are split on which is best. Experiment and find out what works for you. Use a very small amount of concealer (you don’t want the product to get cakey) and pat it into your skin, rather than rubbing. You can use a brush, sponge or your fingertips. Pick a shade that is very close to your natural skin tone.

BB cream

BB cream is a multipurpose product that should be part of every busy woman’s makeup routine. Popular in Asia for years, BB cream is now all the rage in America. This product can illuminate, hydrate, nourish and even out your skin. The coverage isn’t heavy, but generally not as sheer as tinted moisturizer. With some BB creams, you can skip the foundation, concealer, highlighter, sunscreen, anti-aging serum and moisturizer. It can cover pimples, minimize the look of pores, hide fine lines and wrinkles, smooth your complexion and brighten your skin. BB cream can be worn on its own or in conjunction with mineral makeup.

Eye liner or shadow

Pick one — you don’t need both when you are in a hurry. If you want a simple, natural look, just sweep eye shadow in a neutral tone over your lid. If you want your eyes to stand out, apply eye liner instead. Line just your upper lashes. Apply just one coat of mascara so you don’t have to wait the time between coats. Doing your eyes shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

bronzerBronzer or blush

Get your glow on with a little bronzer or blush. This is especially important if your natural complexion is a little pasty. Use a light hand — you don’t need much color to make a difference. When it comes to bronzer, make sure it’s not more than a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone.

lip glossLip gloss

Put the finishing touch on your face with a dab of lip gloss. It takes just a few seconds to apply lip gloss and you can do it while you are heading out the door. If you prefer lipstick, take the time to use liner, too. Before applying lipstick, line your lip then fill them in entirely with the pencil. This will give your lipstick a nice base and make it last much longer.

Get organized

To get out the door with ease in the morning, get organized and stay well groomed. Pluck or wax your brows regularly so they aren’t unruly in the morning. Touch-up your roots every few weeks and get a trim every two months in order to avoid last-minute hair dilemmas. Organize your bathroom with all your makeup and beauty essentials — products, brushes and applicators — right on the counter in a convenient location.

Double up

BB Cream is just one multipurpose product you can add into your beauty regimen. Consider other products to save time such as 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, lip tint that you can use on your cheeks or moisturizer with built-in sunscreen.

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