Why you need to wear white after Labor Day

Just because you heard from your sister, who heard from your mom, who heard it from her mom, who heard it from Jackie O. that wearing white after Labor Day is a no-no, doesn’t mean it’s true. Find out why you should not only wear white after Labor Day, but why it’s a definite must.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing white after Labor Day

It’s still summer, people

Look, I know many people see the end of Labor Day weekend as the start of fall, but it’s just not true. For many states in the U.S., fall doesn’t start until almost October. Technically, the first day of autumn is Sept. 22, 2012, according to my Google search. So you still have a few hot and heavy weeks after Labor Day, which means you need to wear white in order to stay cool. So don’t be afraid — bring out those white eyelets, ivory sundresses and near see-through white tanks. Everything’s going to be OK.

White is chic year-round

Have you ever seen someone wear white and look trashy? Um, don’t answer that actually. Britney Spears had a rough 2007. Either way, if you know how to style it, white can be ultra-feminine and chic. For example, during the crisper months, you can wear a tan knit sweater, white skinny jeans and leather riding boots for a modern day fall 2012 look. In the winter, you can pair a white slinky button-up under a color-block blazer, black skinny tailored pants and black platforms. See how sophisticated that is? No one will question you, I promise.

Blazers are life savers; white blazers are even better

We’re huge fans of the blazer. It’s classy, kind of sexy, sophisticated and can be dressed up or down. Blazers in white emphasize all of those points. It’s a spin-off of the ever-popular black blazer and exudes a fresh atmosphere. Do you like looking fresh? Then keep your white blazer around for the long-haul. Wearing a white blazer during the winter earns you automatic style points, well, in our book. This white Silence & Noise Boyfriend blazer from Urban Outfitters will dress you up in all the right places.

It’s hard to let go of summer

Summer is gone much more quickly than it came, which is saddening for those who actually get a summer. Even for those who work through it, there’s a certain sadness when Piña Coladas, teeny polka dot bikinis, and the faint tunes of Slightly Stoopid aren’t around anymore. That’s why wearing white after Labor Day is your last chance to keep the vibrant dog days of summer alive. Wear your ivory floral gauze tank under a cardigan, wear that white peplum dress over tights, and even get a little crazy and wear a hot pink bandeau under your flowy, cream tunic. Just do it!

When you don’t carry over white…

Now, I know all of this encouragement will make you want to bring back P. Diddy’s all white parties, but there are a few things you should know:

  • Don’t wear white wedges after Labor Day… it’s just… well… just don’t.
  • Don’t wear white sandals after Labor Day… look you just… can’t.
  • Don’t, especially don’t, wear white stilettos. Do they even make those anymore?

What you can do is substitute all your white footwear for nude! If that’s not exciting, then I don’t know you anymore.

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