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Mane Event Mondays: How to get effortless, flexible hair

We’re partnering up with some of the hair industry’s top talents to bring you answers to your most pressing hair questions. Up today? Justine Piecuch, a stylist at Boston’s renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, is showing us how to get effortless, flexible hair that moves.

Woman with healthy wavy hair

Your question

How can I give hair movement and flexibility and also make it look effortlessly wavy at the same time?

@Sushiii01 via Twitter

Justine’s answer!

This is a common type of question that I hear all the time. After all, we all want hair that moves and flows and blows in the wind. Now achieving it: That may be a different story.

The first thing I would say to getting hair like this is start with a good foundation: a haircut. And not just any old haircut. A great haircut will be tailored at the end by removing weight lines that are causing the hair to stack on top of itself. By removing the weight lines, the hair becomes seamless.

This technique is NOT to be done with thinning sheers, which can cause the hair to be wispy, fly away and sometimes frizzy. Make sure you’re getting this cut from someone who truly knows their skill. Finding this stylist can be very tough, but I recommend doing some online research or asking someone with the hair you want where they go.

The rest of the work is easy from here. Split the hair into two sections, separating the top and bottom. Using a curling iron or a clip less curling iron (whichever you’re most comfortable with), take one to two inches in width vertical sections, place the barrel in the middle and wrap the hair around and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this all over the head until everything is complete.

This is how you’ll get your flowing wave. Make sure the hair is dry before doing this and that you’ve used a thermal protectant to avoid any damage. Styling like this is very simple and shouldn’t be given much thought for the best end result.

Be patient with your search and styling technique. If you have some questions, a good stylist will always take you through the steps and show you the correct way. Always remember to simply have fun with hair. After all, it’s just another accessory!

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