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The taste of summer: Foods that bring it back

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, vacation, breezy fashion and fantastic food. Most of that summer goodness will be done when fall comes strolling in, but the foods don’t have to end.

Strawberry ice cream

Bring back the taste of summer all year long with these summer treats you can enjoy in any season.

Grilled food

Nothing says summer like dinner fresh off the grill. You may not be able to light up your outdoor grill every month of the year, but you can still grill up a delicious dinner, right from your kitchen. When the weather outside isn’t great for grilling, pull out your stovetop grill and create your favorites. You can make hamburgers, brats, hotdogs — anything you cook outside is fair game on an indoor grill as well.

Ice cream

Ice cream is cool, refreshing and delicious. It’s the perfect treat on a hot summer day, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it all year long (it’s never stopped us!). For a real treat, purchase an inexpensive ice cream maker — you can pick one up for cheap at an end-of-summer sale — and make your own, because homemade ice cream is a summer treat that shouldn’t be limited to just the summer months.

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Crispy bacon, green lettuce and homegrown tomatoes, all stuck between two thick slices of your favorite bread. BLTs are delicious in the summer, but there’s no reason not to have them through the fall and winter too. Start with thick slices of quality bacon and fresh, green lettuce. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a tomato that compares to the ones you grow in your garden all summer, but you can find one that will taste great. Slather the sandwich in mayo, and you can have summer (in sandwich form), even when there’s snow on the ground.

Potato salad

Cookouts, potlucks, picnics, graduation parties, family reunions — no matter what the summer occasion is, you can bet you’ll find potato salad on the table. You don’t need a special day or warm weather to make this summer side dish. Serve it up with dinner any time of the year. Make it taste just like Mom’s, or create your own specialty dish.

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Sangrias are summer, served in drink form. Traditionally, they’re made with wine, flavored liquors and gobs of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit isn’t as readily available throughout the rest of the year, but there’s no reason you can’t use frozen. Thaw it out before you use it, or throw it in while it’s still frozen. Just make sure you allow time for it to thaw a bit in the drink so the flavors have a chance to mix in.

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Fair food is a popular summer indulgence. Get your greasy food fix by stopping by a food truck. They’re parked all over most big cities all year long.

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