The skinny on making a perfect summer drink

It’s not hard to make the perfect summer drink. Make sure you have these staple elements (or at least a few of them!) and you’ll have a drink to serve your friends that fits perfectly with the season.

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Tip: Keep it cool without watering down the flavor. Use frozen juice instead of ice cubes.

Keep it cold

Baby, it’s hot outside! Serve a drink that’ll help your guests keep cool, even under the sweltering sun. Every drink that’s not blended with ice should be served with plenty of ice in the glass.

Keep it fresh

Gardens, farmers markets and grocery produce sections are overflowing with fresh, juicy fruit all summer long. Take advantage of that by using the fruit in your summer drinks! Serve whole berries in the glass, blend the fruit with your drinks or just use the juices — it really doesn’t matter. The taste of the fruit will shine through no matter how you use it. It’ll make the whole drink taste like summer in a glass.

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Make it refreshing

You’ll need a summer drink that serves a big thirst, so add something refreshing to the mix. Watermelon or pineapple are both great additions to most summer drinks, and they help make sure no one leaves thirsty.

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Add some citrus

We don’t know why, but it’s the truth — all great summer drinks contain some amount of citrus. Maybe it’s a tiny squeeze, maybe it’s the whole fruit, but the perfect summer drink should contain at least a little bit of orange, lemon or lime.

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Starbucks Refreshers Sparkling BeveragesMake it bubbly

The perfect summer drink should be so bubbly it tickles your nose. Any type of soda will work, but try something else for a little more flavor. Starbucks Refreshers Sparkling Beverages are delicious (not to mention healthy and light), making them the perfect addition to a summer cocktail. To make sure it stays bubbly, mix the drink first and add the bubbles last.

Make it pretty

It’s easy to pour a delicious drink and stop there, but why would you? Add a salt or sugar rim, or garnish your drink with fresh fruit or herbs. That extra touch makes it special, and no one wants a dull drink.

Drink with straws

Summer is fun, and so are straws, so add one to your drink before serving. As a bonus, it’ll keep all the ladies happy when they don’t have to reapply their lipstick a thousand times!

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