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LOL: 5 Funny celebrity PSAs

What do boobs, politics and Harrison Ford have in common? They were all the subjects of these funny yet impactful celebrity PSAs.

They say laughter is the best medicine, right? Well, that’s particularly true when it comes to dark subjects like breast cancer, AIDs and malaria.

These celebrities did a rather bang-up job of using humor to pack a powerful message into an otherwise serious subject. Here are our top five funniest celeb public service announcments (PSAs).

The Booby Scare

Jaime King invites gal pals Alyson Hannigan, Minka Kelly, Emily Deschanel and Katherine McPhee over for a breast feeling party to ensure they do not have any suspicious lumps.

“Seriously serious” malaria PSA

John Mayer, Elizabeth Banks, Aziz Ansari and cast members of The Office poke fun at celebrity PSAs by urging you to take them seriously. “If malaria were a person, I’d kick it in the face,” Ansari says.

You have a choice: Buy gum or cure AIDs

Bono rallies together big names like Penelope Cruz, Bryan Cranston, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake to raise awareness about AIDs treatment for a RED campaign.

Breastfeeding: It’s what your tatas are there for

“Did you know that your knockers can save the U.S. $13 billion per year in healthcare costs?” says Ali Landry in this pro-breastfeeding campaign. That part is no joke, but the number of synonyms these famous gals come up with for “breasts” is rather funny.

NPH says your vote doesn’t count

This tongue-in-cheek PSA, starring Harrison Ford, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Cruise, Borat and more, starts off encouraging you not to vote. But Harrison Ford ain’t havin’ it.

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