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Nail art trends we can’t wait to try

If you’re craving a change where your nails are concerned, nail art is a great way to spice things up. From glitter and embellishments to gradient color and funky shapes, there are a myriad of ways to take your mani to the next level. We have the scoop on what you should try this fall.

Jessica Biel with french manicure

Nail art: Expert input

To learn more, we turned to the talented nail team at Salon AKS: Doris Nunez, Yohana Monsalve Suarez and Rita Arutyunova, for their insight into the hottest nail art trends to try now. Their most requested look? The “non-conventional tone French manicure.” And by this they mean a light and dark blue look instead of the traditional white and pink French, which we think is a great look for cooler weather.

Nail art: Top trends

Tricking out your nails with more than just one color has been steadily gaining populariy over the past few seasons, in part, thanks to the A-list. “Celebrity trends always trickle down to the general population. Rihanna, Fergie, Beyonce and others have displayed an array of designs that spruce up the basic manicure,” explains Nunez. Other than what the stars are doing, there are a few hues to watch for this season. “Our clients are really gravitating towards blue and grayish hues. Navy and jewel tones will be in this fall,” she adds.

And don’t forget about ombre, but this time the gradient look has nothing to do with your tresses. “With the continued interest in ombre, we foresee a glitter ombre being very popular,” says Nunez.

Nail art: Where to start

Decals and polish strips are a great first foray into nail art, especially if you don’t have the time or patience to try something more complicated at home. “They require no dry time and why not have your favorite manicurist apply it for you professionally?” says Nunez. “Companies like Sally Hansen have taken out the messiness of do it yourself designs and made them attainable by using decals and polish strips.”

If you want to play with traditional polish rather than decals or strips, go for some bling. “Adding a little bit of glitter can also be a great start and you can mix and match your favorite colors,” Nunez notes. Try a base coat in one color (something rich for fall like plum or dark green) and add a layer of glitter polish on top, or do one nail in glitter polish and the rest in a solid shade.

Watch: How to create an ombre nail design

Katie Cazorla demonstrates an at-home gel manicure, ombre style.

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