Help care for a soldier’s pet

Did you know you can provide a foster home for pets of the deployed? Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is an organization that places a pet with someone who wants to give it a loving home while its owner is serving our country.

Soldier with dog

What it is

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is a military and veterans’ service organization that supports the military, veterans and their beloved pets to ensure the pets are reunited with their owners following a deployment (combat or peace-keeping or humanitarian mission) or with wounded warriors and homeless veterans following medical or other unforeseen situations.

The primary objective of the Foster Home Program is to ensure our heroes can deploy without any concerns for their pet’s welfare and know their beloved pet(s) will be waiting for them to return safely home.

The Military Pet Assistance program was designed to financially assist with pet-related costs involved with the pets fostered through the Foster Home Program.

A military, veterans and pet sanctuary project is also being developed. It will establish a park-like environment in the Central Texas area for military service members, veterans, wounded heroes, military families and their beloved pets, not only in Texas, but those visiting from other states.

Why it was founded

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet was started in 2005 after founders Linda Spurlin-Dominik and Carol Olmedo learned that military service members across the country had pets that needed a caring, loving and safe home to care for them during the pet owner’s deployment but had not been able to find someone to care for them. This left the deploying active-duty military pet owner with only one option, which was to relinquish their beloved pets and pet ownership rights to an animal shelter or rescue group never to see their pets again, never to know whether they got a good home or were euthanized.

How it’s making a difference

The testimonials page on the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet website is filled with messages of gratitude from military and non-military individuals alike. Many people are incredibly thankful that an organization remembered that pets need support too.

Also, the photo gallery on the “Mission Accomplished” page displays pictures of the fostered pets and their caregivers and owners with a message of thanks.

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